Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
2 minute read
8 Apr 2022
6:30 am

How to make easy money the hard way

Mike Moon

Race 5 look like the best option, with Golightly the standout horse – and not just because of its name.

Golightly will be a horse to watch at Fairview on Friday. Picture: Supplied

Someone once said betting on the horses was a very hard way to make easy money. Well, they don’t come much harder than Friday’s race card for the Fairview Polytrack fixture.

If we were rational beings, we’d avoid this meeting and turn our attention to gentler pursuits. But the lure of easy (big) money will draw us with its siren call.

If that call is too alluring and you must have a wager, make it modest, for these are treacherous waters full of rocky menace.

Going wide in as many Pick 6 races as possible is, of course, necessary. So, where do we go narrow?

Race 5 look like the best option, with Golightly the standout horse – and not just because of its name!

The four-year-old filly has blossomed since moving to local champion trainer Alan Greeff’s care from Vaughan Marshall’s stable in Cape Town at the turn of the year.

Her PE debut was a painful experience as she suffered a shoulder abrasion, but she quickly put that behind her and rattled off two wins a and a second.

On paper, her main opposition will be Gavin Smith-trained Abia. Another horse that nervous punters might want to include is Cliffie Miller’s Miss Venezuela, who put in a promising performance in her local debut 24 days ago.

Someone else once said: “Never be afraid to win too much.” Must have been a bookmaker.


1: 1 Knave Of Diamonds, 4 Trumps Express, 3 Captains Walk, 2 Jack’s Jamboree

2: 1 Miss Rose, 3 Galiliea, 5 Miss United States, 10 Bold Leah

3: 6 Colorama, 4 Libran Lana, 7 St Patrick’s Day, 1 Wildest Dreams

4: 14 Irish Rain, 7 Cane Lime ’N Soda, 9 Morse, 8 Firstamongequals

5: 3 Golightly, 11 Miss Venezuela, 9 Abia, 8 Kayc Al

6: 2 Secret Link, 12 Silver Celebrity, 1 Marsh Marigold, 4 Homer Fidget

7: 1 Angry Warrior, 3 Zig Zag, 2 Alado’s Pride, 10 Bel Punto

8: 5 Drive By, 10 Quick Count, 14 Subterfuge, 7 Beneficiary

9: 7 Timkat, 5 Sonny Quinn, 9 Stanton Street, 10 Autumn Sky

Pick 6: 4,6,7,8,9,14 x 3,11 x 2,12 x 1,2,3 x 4,5,7,10,14 x 4,5,7,8,9,10 (R2160)

PA: 4,6 x 7,14 x 3 x 2,12 x 1 x 5,10,14 x 5,7,9,10 (R96)