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3 Mar 2021
1:50 pm

Closing the digital divide with wireless


MiRO, the leaders in IP convergence technology, in partnership with RADWIN, the leading provider of fixed wireless solutions, are working with operators and ISP’s to enable rapid deployment of high capacity, highly reliable broadband services.

In the rush to provide internet services to this new digitized world, network infrastructure providers have rolled out large scale fibre networks to capture this new connected consumer. With the promise of instant everything digital, whole suburbs were tunnelled with fibre to deliver highspeed broadband internet to the home.

In dense urban areas and especially estates, where there is a competitive advantage to being the first broadband provider, instead of competing with fibre ISP’s, fixed wireless access technology is enabling the rapid expansion of high capacity, highly available hybrid networks. When using fibre to backhaul your data, wireless technology offers service providers a truly cost-effective way to fill in the gaps in their network and connect clients in record time.

In areas where there is no fibre infrastructure, deploying fixed wireless access gives an Internet Service Provider time to generate revenue while customers wait for fibre to be installed. With the massive capacities available from RADWIN Fixed Wireless solutions (6Gbps per High Site), which can deliver 100Mbps service and more per home, more ISP’s are now adopting a hybrid fibre and wireless solution.

Fixed wireless technology has evolved to offer unparalleled speeds and quality of service, with the additional benefit of significantly lower cost due to the massive ecosystem and economies of scale. With no long wayleave application waiting times or invasive trenching, ISPs can connect more customers quicker, and still deliver the high bandwidth, low latency connections normally synonymous with pure fibre networks.

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With over 400MHz of Spectrum in ISM band, RADWIN DUO base station with a world first PrimeCarrier Technology, enables Fibre ISP’s operating in the ISM band to offer services as though they were operating in licensed bands.

With the ability to automatically switch Carriers, as well as having automatic load-balancing, RADWIN DUO with PrimeCarrier is the world’s first Fixed Wireless Point-to-MultiPoint base station solution that can deliver up to 500Mbps per Subscriber and is not susceptible to environmental factors like rain fade. A basic RADWIN Duo hub site can effectively service up to 512 customers, as well as being able to provide services up to 40km away. Ideal for providing uncapped services, as well as the flexibility of being able to simultaneously service either symmetric or asymmetric clients in the same sector at the same time, Fibre ISP’s can address all the requirements of enterprise & residential customers.

RADWIN DUO from MiRO, gives Fibre ISPs a real competitive advantage in the market, while being complimentary to their existing fibre offerings. Get in touch with a MiRO expert and discover how Radwin can speed up your fibre deployments.