Nandipha Pantsi
1 minute read
5 Feb 2014
1:00 pm

Meeting the Big Brother housemates

Nandipha Pantsi

The Big Brother Mzansi contestants have finally been revealed. And it seems we are in for an interesting season.

YFM DJ Sol Phenduka. Picture supplied

All the contestants are young, vibrant South Africans willing to do whatever it takes to walk away with the competition’s R1 million cash prize. Mzamo, a 27-year-old from Durban, is a big burst of personality who had his audience at the series launch laughing and cheering for him from the get go. As the first housemates to get into the house, Mzamo and Kat were tasked with being the hosts for the evening and welcoming the other housemates as they arrived.

Mzamo was perfect for this task. Without wasting any time, the fashion entrepreneur popped the champagne, requested more bottles and welcomed other contestants with excited screams, hugs and air kisses.

Big Brother Mzansi contestant Mzamo

Big Brother Mzansi contestant Mzamo

Mzamo’s warm nature and seeming ability to make strangers feel welcome around him could give him “Mamma bear” status among the housemates – putting him in a convenient leadership position very early in the game. However, what already seems to be a blooming romance with fellow house mate Mandla could see Mzamo doing too much too soon.

The inclusion of YFM’s Sol Phenduka in the crowd inside the Big Brother house this season was a surprise.

While he is the only celebrity in the game, there’s a feeling the radio jock won’t be sticking around for too long. In a house filled with people with big personalities, the soft spoken and apparently shy Phenduka may be an easy target for early elimination.

This season of Big Brother will run for 60 days instead of the usual 90 days.