Kulani Nkuna
2 minute read
22 Feb 2014
7:00 am

Sex and silliness at the Lyric Theatre

Kulani Nkuna

This election season, politicians and such public brouhahas as "Boity's booty" on social and mainstream media lend themselves to comedic ridicule according to stand up comedian and actress, Celeste Ntuli.

Celeste Ntuli ahead of her performance at the Lyric Theatre tonight. Picture: Whacked .

“Things just happen in this country, giving us plenty to talk about on stage,” says Ntuli.

“I bet Helen Zille wishes she could incorporate Boity’s booty into her campaign so that the DA could be on people’s lips like Boity was during that frenzy. We all forgot about elections and racism in Cape Town for a second. Maybe there should be a booty campaign – then people will really pay attention. We have to say thank you to Boity, because finally we are celebrating the African figure here at home and not watching these people who need procedures to make their bums look bigger or curvier.”

This obsession with posteriors comes at a time when Ntuli is about to take part in an interesting comedic concept that revolves around a set theme. Comedy Central Presents Sex Live At The Lyric Theatre and will feature comedians such as John Vlismas, Anele Mdoda, Nick Rabinowitz, Trevor Gumbi and Ntuli discussing nothing but sex for two nights in a row.

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

MC and regular Sexpo visitor John Vlismas, who is not shy to arrive on stage brandishing a large dildo, quipped: “In terms of the cast, we have had a few setbacks, as Celeste failed the mandatory virginity test, and we can now confirm that Nik Rabinowitz is actually married, and therefore has been disqualified from making jokes about fellatio. Other than that, with the set looking amazing, the mood lighting currently being programmed and Anele Mdoda spotted buying a family-sized tub of lube, things are shaping up for Sex to be the finest exposé of procreation ever.”

Trevor Gumbi is well known for his nasty visual narratives about sex, while Vlismas’ dildo exploits are also well documented. Rabinowitz is a nice Jewish boy and the jury is still out on what type of sex specific topics he will engage in. The wild cards in this extravaganza have to be Ntuli and Mdoda, who will offer fresh perspectives.

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

“My set will mostly be about women’s issues around sex,” explains Ntuli.

“I will also look at how society relates and reacts to issues around sex. Sex is an interesting topic; everybody gets excited and animated whenever relationships or sex is mentioned. We love sex so much as South Africans and some people are in for a great shock with this show.

“Well not really a shock – it’s just that people are always surprised at the things I say because I’m a woman. I will keep it classy and look at sex from different angles and perspectives. I will explore relationships that involve single people getting older, because I feel that such people are marginalised.”