Thabang Buthelezi
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9 May 2017
12:00 pm

Must see: Brenda Fassie’s best moments celebrated on Twitter

Thabang Buthelezi

Queen of Pop remembered by fans and local celebrities.

Honouring Brenda Fassie at Joy of Jazz

Today marks the 14th anniversary of local Afro-pop star and singer Brenda Fassie’s death. The Queen of African Pop passed away on the 9th May in 2004 at Sunninghill Hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. She had been rushed to hospital on the 26th of April and slipped into a coma for two weeks.

The cause of her death was believed to have been due to a drug overdose. The crack cocaine she smoked the night of her cardiac arrest was found to be laced with poison.

Fassie was affectionately called MaBrrr by her fans. She rose to stardom in 1983 after the release of her first hit single “Weekend Special”, which became the fastest-selling record at the time and gained her international status.

In 1989, Fassie released an album titled ‘Too Late for Mama’, which achieved platinum status.

Fassie was revered for her eclectic dress sense, which saw her mix African-inspired clothing, such as beads, with contemporary Euro fashion. Her personality was outstanding and Fassie was known for speaking her mind. Though she struggled with drug abuse for years, she was very close to her only son, Bongani, who took after his mother and pursued a career in music too.

In one of the few documentaries that are available of the star, she tells presenter Dali Tambo that she is the last born of nine children.

Asked if that was why she craved attention, as last borns tend to want to stand out, Fassie says that’s exactly the case with her.

Viewers also see how she valued family and tradition as she hosts a party to celebrate selling 500 000 copies with her family.


Her last album, Nomakanjani, reached triple platinum status within a few months of its release.

She is remembered for exceptional musical prowess, bold dress sense and her eccentric personality.

Local celebrities and citizens all over the country have been sharing their favourite memories of the legend on social media since early this morning.