Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
14 Mar 2015
10:00 am

Strange Magic movie review

Leon van Nierop

This joyful, overdone, camp film comes from the stable of the great George Lucas, the Star Wars genius.

PARADISE. Marianne is serenaded by Roland. Pictures: Lucas Films.

And it is indeed different from many other animation films you may have seen recently. It has received scathing reviews from overseas critics, most of them cruel and insulting.

I saw it as a camp send-up of the fairy- tale genre, which may deliberately be overdone and exaggerated to make a point. The story, though, can perhaps be faulted for being too complicated. It concerns beautiful Princess Marianne who is set to wed the unbearably arrogant Prince Roland, who is more concerned with his appearance.

When she sees through his selfish mannerisms and predictable unromantic notions, she turns into a feisty, aggressive woman scorned in her love. She uses every opportunity to pick a fight and let everybody know she will not tolerate even a notion of romance.

It’s fun, but easily forgettable, except for the useless and camp Prince Roland’s hair. Now there are several curls with enough energy to generate a whole new film on its own.