Farrah Francis
Lifestyle Managing Editor
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8 Jun 2015
11:36 am

Date My Family’s Stanley sets the record straight

Farrah Francis

After causing a social media storm for his controversial comments, Stanley Ramoboleng says: “Yes I can do the chores too, and I can iron and clean too”.

Stanley Ramolobeng. Picture: Twitter

New TV show, Date My Family sees a bachelor or bachelorette choose a potential love. The bachelor visits three families in their home to have a meal. They then choose someone for a date based on the family interaction and food served at the meeting. Last night’s episode however, sent social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter into frenzy, thanks to contestant Stanley Ramobeleng, whose comments to the families left viewers seething. The actor, (as he calls himself) hurtled insults towards the bachelorettes’ families. Comments included: “Judging by the way the family looks, I am worried about what the daughter looks like.” In addition, the opening scene showed a confident Ramobeleng telling the camera that he was looking for someone who could clean the house.

In addition, he complained about the food he was served by the families of the bachelorettes. In one instance he told the sister of his potential love interest, “You call yourself a woman, is this how you cook?” But Ramobeleng has an explanation for everything. Speaking to The Citizen, he says: “It’s about how you are perceived. Respect is a subjective thing and people who know me, know the real me. My mother called me to say I shouldn’t worry about what people say. If I am unsatisfied with something, I am going to say it.”

The contestant says since appearing on the show he has garnered over 500 friend requests on Facebook and over 1000 inbox messages. “People will always have their opinions but I wasn’t acting, I was being myself and I do have manners. If I don’t like something I say it.”

One of the comments which really got viewers riled up was his opening segment in which he requested that his love interest be someone who can clean. “I just want someone who can do basic chores. I wouldn’t be able to be with someone who wasn’t brought up doing the basics. And, yes I can do the chores too, and I can iron and clean too. I want to have a balanced relationship.”

When asked if he felt he was unfairly portrayed on the show, he says: “No. People who know me, know who I am personally. And I didn’t do anything out of character.” The 35 year-old adds, “Some things were not showed on TV, like I said, “They were blessed with weight. I also want someone who takes care of themselves.”

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