Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
22 Jun 2015
12:34 pm

Our emotionally draining Perfect Wedding

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Weddings and funerals have a way of exposing family relationships; this is when family members show how far they are willing to go to show you support. We take a look at last night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding.

Newly wed Mrs Skhosana on her wedding day. Picture: Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi/Twitter

African culture says a man does not cry, but  the groom on last night’s episode proved this notion wrong – it is okay for a man to cry, he is human after all.

Tears are also okay on your wedding day, but only happy tears. I’m probably one of those brides who will cry as I walk down the aisle, and when we exchange vows. I don’t know why, but I’m planning to cry, it has to happen.

Now, back to the groom, how is it possible for the whole family to be late for their son’s wedding? Maybe it would have been okay for that uncle or aunt to be late, but the whole family? Did they not want him to get married? It was unpleasant to see the groom cry on his wedding day.

Still on the groom, where was the best man? The best man is supposed to be there through it all, that is why he was chosen in the first place, but I guess some best men don’t feel the need to be there. A wedding is a planned event, you get invited in advance, if you’re the best man, it’s possible you helped decide on the date, which made it unreasonable for the best man to be late.

The bride also did not get any support from the maid of honour. What makes it worse is that the maid of honour was her sister. It’s not okay for the maid of honour to not be there, it’s horrible for the sister not to be there.

Bridesmaids pose for a picture on the wedding day. Picture: Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi/Twitter

Bridesmaids pose for a picture on the wedding day. Picture: Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi/Twitter

I loved the wedding dress; the bride knew what would suit her body perfectly well. The bridesmaid dresses were also not too bad.

Nothing was bad at that wedding, it was just the family that tried to ruin everything.

Everything was exaggerated; the lack of support was too much for the groom to handle, and the decor? The bride went for mini cooper food warmers, since I love the car, I might go for those too. The remote-controlled ice bucket? Tops.

Twitter, as usual, was crazy about the wedding, everyone had something to say.

Video courtesy of Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi/Twitter