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AKA on Wayde: Don’t deny coloureds a victory for their ‘race’

AKA has spoken up about the furore around Wayde Van Niekerk's win and debates around him identifying as coloured or black.

Not one to ignore a raging debate on topical matters, AKA has shared his views on Van Niekerk and whether he should identify as black since winning a gold medal at the Olympics over the weekend.

Taking to Twitter, Supa Mega said the country should be proud about winning a gold medal but said it should be recognised that coloured people had been “stereotyped to death”.

“Now to deny Coloured people this as a victory for their community and “race” (excuse the pun) is ridiculous. However To say Wayde’s victory does not fall under black excellence is equally ridiculous,” he tweeted.

AKA said despite being told by people he wasn’t black, he chose not to pay them any attention, instead focusing on who he wanted to identify with.

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