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Tshepiso Makhele
1 minute read
12 May 2016
2:30 pm

Kenny Kunene to marry soon

Tshepiso Makhele

Kunene says the woman he plans to marry is not a liker of things.

After surprisingly speaking out about the growing trend of “blessers”, calling the women who enter into an agreement with blessers “prostitutes”, Kenny Kunene, who not so long ago had 15 girlfriends at once, says he is a changed man.

“Three or four years ago I met my current girlfriend‚ who I plan to marry before the end of the year. She woke me up and literally changed my life. I was left speechless by this young woman who defines herself and doesn’t let my money define her,” the sushi king told TMG Entertainment.

“She is not a liker of things and, in the beginning, when I tried to do things for her‚ she would just refuse. I’m in a hurry to marry this woman but she is in no hurry. She wants to finish her studies this year and then work in business,” he added.

Kunene says he apologises for using so many women over the years. “I apologise to all those girls who I directly or indirectly bought for sex. I realise that I was a pimp and that I turned countless girls into prostitutes,” he told TMG Entertainment.