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5 May 2017
9:07 am

Cassper spills on Boity breakup in new song, reveals side chicks, fame led to split

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Lies and lame excuses were also to blame for the headline hogging break-up between Cassper and Boity last year.

A track featured on Cassper’s new album, Thuto, explains exactly why he and Boity broke up a year ago. The rapper reveals that he was unfaithful and lied to his famous ex.

The real reasons the pair went their separate ways are contained in the song, I Wasn’t Ready For You, which Cassper dropped today.

Though Boity said in an interview with True Love magazine Cassper never cheated, she felt he was committed to their relationship and that they broke up because he didn’t have time for her any more. But Cassper raps that wasn’t the main reason they broke up.

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In his lyrics, he details how he has struggled to come to terms with the end of the relationship, especially because he loved Boity. He says after the breakup, he spent half of last year not sober, dealing with regret and emotional turmoil.

He then raps about the reasons for their breakup:

I became a loner, started neglecting your love / too many celebrity b*tches were hanging on my scrotum / And that sh*t went to my head / I should have kissed you instead / I started giving the side B*itches your side of the bed / that was so disrespectful and I didn’t have an excuse / I look myself in the mirror like, dawg what happened to you?

You told this woman you loved her and promised her joy/ She just needed a man, you behaved like a boy / You manipulated her mind, baby I got you confused / It’s high time I admit, I wasn’t ready for you.

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Cassper is also honest about wishing his ex well, adding that he hears about her a lot and hopes she is treated better than she was when she was with him.

I always hear about you. They say you doing well / You got a new man, a new house / I hope that he is a good man, I hope he is nothing like me and won’t suffer for my incompetency / I know you saw through the lame excuses and all the lying.

Listen to the whole song HERE


AKA not sorry for releasing song, ‘didn’t know’ Cassper was also dropping ‘Thuto’

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