Vhahangwele Nemakonde
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29 Jul 2017
7:00 am

WATCH: Police involvement, ‘verbal abuse’, as Heavy K clashes with landlord

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Dean Siebert is threatening to sue the DJ after he allegedly damaged his property while trying to move out without notifying him.

Heavy K. Picture: Instagram.

Popular DJ and Easy To Love hit maker Mkhululi Siqula, popularly known as Heavy K, allegedly tried to leave his place of rent without notifying his landlord and in the process allegedly damaged the property as he was moving.

According to his landlord, Dean Siebert, who is planning to sue him, the DJ was using his property and wanted to leave without notifying him.

Siebert contacted The Citizen to say his mother, Fiona Siebert, was driving around in the neighbourhood on Wednesday at around 3pm, wanting to show a family member the house that is currently being leased to Heavy K.

Upon arrival, she found a truck in the driveway, loading furniture from the house.

Heavy K was not at the property at the time of her arrival.

“I went in to enquire what was happening, as there was no notice to vacate. When I asked Heavy K’s wife what was going on she became verbally abusive towards me,” Siebert alleges.

After about an hour and a half of arguing, two police officers arrived at the property and then Heavy K also rocked up.

“When I asked the police what they were doing here, they said they were there to protect Heavy K and refused to leave because of the disturbance that was caused,” she says.

Heavy allegedly denied moving without notice and told his landlord he was moving his family to another home he had posted about on social media. Below is the house in question:

What can I say? God loves us all!

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He told his landlord the property had been broken into on numerous occasions but he would continue leasing from him and use the property as his recording studio.

The break-in at the property happened in April when Heavy K was visiting his family in the Western Cape. When he came back, he found that his plasma TV, Sony PlayStation, eight pairs of shoes, cellphones and a camera were stolen, the artist told Sunday World this week.

Following the confrontation, Siebert says the two came to an agreement, with Heavy K saying he would continue leasing the property for work purposes.

“By the time that we left the property he had packed up most of his possessions, except for his recording studio,” he says.

However, it seems Heavy K then decided not to rent the place at all as he stopped taking Siebert’s calls and did not respond to his messages.

“I wasn’t able to access my property but when I eventually gained access on Friday, 28th July, we found that the property had been vandalised and his studio taken down.

“As he was moving out, he vandalised the place, including the tiles and curtains,” he alleges.

Heavy K’s lawyer, Calvin, has denied allegations of verbal abuse by Heavy’s wife towards Fiona, saying she only became “aggravated” after Fiona came to the premises and started confronting her.

“Obviously anyone would become aggravated if someone just started taking pictures and videos of yourself without your permission, but that does not mean you were violent,” he said.

He said there was, in fact, no lease agreement between the two as the last one had expired a year ago. Yes, Heavy K was moving but he was only moving his family to a house he had bought in Kyalami, he added.

“He never sent a notice or email notifying them of his intentions to move because he was still going to rent the place for business.”

Calvin said the Siebert family, who he called “hooligans” jumped the gun and had reached conclusions based on their misunderstanding of the situation.

Heavy K decided to move his studio equipment after the confrontation, though that was not the initial plan.

Fiona, however, says the problem with the whole situation is the damage Heavy K left at his property – and he feels he clearly has no intention of fixing it as he has not been taking his calls.

“Obviously you can’t leave someone’s property looking like that.”

She said he was also not happy after Heavy K broke his “promise” of buying the property after being there for three years with his rent remaining the same the entire time.

The two also prepared a new lease for him but he was avoiding signing it for the past four months, they say.

“He didn’t tell me he was going to put his manager in the house and said ‘I didn’t have to tell you I’m moving my family’.”

Heavy K has apparently promised to fix the damage at the house.

“He’s a lovely boy but he just has to do things the right way.”

Check out pictures of the alleged damage below. You can also watch the video of the landlord filming his property and then Heavy and his mother arguing at the end: