Sandisiwe Mbhele
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8 Jun 2021
11:35 am

Nampree ‘crushed’ over apology from Sunday World

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Slams newspaper for its apology after she complained to the Press Ombudsman.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik. Picture: Instagram

Nampree is still fuming despite an apology from a Sunday publication.

Nampree accused DJ Fresh and Euphonik of rape on social media and later laid charges with the police. The case was subsequently dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The article published by the Sunday World in February was titled “Rape accuser apologises to Euphonik – ‘I am sorry for what I did to you and DJ Fresh, I’m scared”. The report falsely claimed Nampree wanted to drop the charges and that she lied about the rape allegation.

Nampree lodged a complaint with the Press Ombudsman about the report for unfairly stating as fact that she apologised to the DJs “for falsely accusing them of raping her,” Sunday World reported. 

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The Press Ombud ruled the publication had to apologise. However, the other complaints made by her, such as not reporting her repeated denials she was not the author of the “apology” and not exercising care and consideration in matters involving her dignity and reputation, were dismissed.

Nampree was far from impressed at how the apology was made and the ruling.


nampree slams publication apology

“I am so crushed by that ‘apology’ I wont lie… That apology was meant to free me It was supposed to speak the truth but it said nothing.

Nampree 'crushed' over fake report apology

In the earlier report, Euphonik quickly jumped in, also sharing purported messages from Nampree that she had lied. He shared a screenshot of a message which claimed it was from his accuser. In the message, she apologises for the accusations and asks Euphonik for help.

The family slammed Euphonik’s claims and added allegations they received a call from Fresh.

“The Madikizela family wants to make it absolutely clear that at NO point did ANY family member call DJ Fresh to state such. The Madikizela family is distressed at these false claims and rejects these with contempt,” the family statement read.

The family said it would “not sit back and allow the launch of a smear campaign and the public character assassination of our daughter in an attempt to hide from the glaring ugly truth.”

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Nampree took to Twitter in January to allege the DJs drugged and raped her in 2011.