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Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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5 Nov 2021
11:15 am

Five times Simoné Nortmann made mothering look easy

Renate Engelbrecht

Anyone who has been down that road would tell you that mothering is no easy task. Yet, actress Simoné Nortmann finds a way to make mothering look easy with numerous, often humorous.

Simoné Nortmann and little Harper. Picture: Instagram

The Vir die voëls and Hotel actress, Simoné Nortmann’s baby girl is six months old and although Simoné is always very open about the challenges of motherhood, she also often makes the responsibility of mothering look like something she merely takes in her stride.

Comfortably easing back into reality

The actress has been back on set since August and although she says she’s happy to be back doing what she loves, she also misses her little Harper very much during the day.

She had been easing herself back into reality, though as she has been doing some work since June. Simoné posted a picture of her and her baby daughter cuddling under a blanket while she “punchline pimped a few comedy scripts with fellow thespians.”

Fun in front of the camera

Simoné is married to Andries Pretorius and says her daughter looks exactly like him. Any mother would know that it is nearly impossible to get that perfect picture with your baby, but Simoné certainly has a knack for taking selfies and videos with babies.

Simoné, the supermom

From her social media posts, it is clear that Simoné is all but ignorant about the challenges of motherhood. She has shared a photo of herself wearing cabbage leaves for a bra during a very difficult breastfeeding phase and she has been very honest and open about the challenges of post-partum body positivity.

Yet, her outlook on motherhood seems to always harbour a hint of humour, like in this post where she looks nothing short of a supermom on a mission.

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An actress mom on a mission

Speaking about moms on missions, Simoné is proof that moms know a thing or two about multitasking. She also captures her multitasking moments perfectly, making it look super easy.

Finding peace in the storm

Being a mom means being busy all the time, yet Simoné has a way of capturing the quiet moments (even when there are few), reminding moms to appreciate every quiet, tranquil moment.

Of course, having a baby daddy to capture the moment is pure gold.