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23 Nov 2021
10:55 am

‘Wat vat dit met Loki’: This is how you create a pop star, says local stylist

Renate Engelbrecht

We spoke to a ‘Wat vat dit met Loki' stylist to see what it really takes to become a pop star.

Edo's makeover. Picture: Supplied

Becoming a pop star doesn’t just happen overnight and that is something that the Wat vat dit met Loki contestants all realised very quickly.

In a previous episode, the contestants received a style makeover, and they were all challenged to have their publicity photos taken by celebrity photographer, Willem Botha.

But, what will make a pop star out of you? What needs to change? Which personal qualities do you need to focus on?

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Wat vat dit met Loki stylist, Kyra Loubser, says these are the things to keep in mind when creating a pop star – whether it’s yourself or someone else:

Knowing is the best ammo

Your personality, lifestyle and music are the things that define you as a pop star, which is why it was of utmost importance for Loubser to get to know her clients before giving them their makeovers.

“It’s important to create a look that’s not only mind-blowing, but it also has to compliment the vibe the artist wants to translate.”

She says it should also be a look that can be maintained, which is something that also pertains to artistic visions like music videos.

Body type dictates the pop star vibe

Loubser says body type is vital as the perfect fit will determine the style.

“What suits your body will become your style,” she says.

Michelle makeover Wat dit vat met Loki
Michelle’s makeover on ‘Wat dit vat met Loki’. Picture: Supplied

Creation is key

With all of the above in place, all that’s left is to create the pop star look. Loubser says that it’s only after the look has been perfected, that she starts looking at colour pallets.

“The colour pallet should complement your skin type and the vibe you’re going for.”

The fun part of being a pop star

According to Loubser, the fun only really starts once you get to hair and makeup.

“Remember, a pop star sets the trends and doesn’t follow them.”

She says that the perfect recipe for the best pop star look is to always include a little old, a little new, a little me and a little you.

“Take something you love and work it in as your signature.”

Uncle Jo's makeover
Uncle Jo’s makeover. Picture: Supplied

‘Stand out’, says ‘Wat dit vat met Loki’ stylist

Loubser’s advice to upcoming pop stars is to “remember to always have fun”.

“Creating is a process, so live big, let your confidence shine, be an individual and don’t blend in. Stand out and make the world a less boring place.”

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