Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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8 Apr 2022
9:41 am

Rolene Strauss receives master’s degree Cum Laude

Renate Engelbrecht

Former Miss World, Rolene Strauss is not only a medical doctor, beauty queen, wife and mom. She now also holds a master’s degree.

Rolene Strauss graduation. Image: Instagram

Considering the fact that Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss had two toddlers running around the house, and the fact that Covid-19 was in the mix, the beauty queen – who is also a qualified medical doctor – most definitely had her hands full while embarking on her master’s degree at the same time.

Still, Rolene celebrated receiving her master’s degree in Philosophy and Management Coaching (Cum Laude) at the University of Stellenbosch yesterday, saying she is grateful.

She has always been passionate about education, women and health and with this master’s degree in her pocket, she will undoubtedly soar even higher.

“What am I feeling at the moment? Complete and utter gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to further my studies, for the support from my loved ones and for the grace of God.”

Rolene Strauss congratulated everyone who graduated yesterday and shared a carousel of pictures from the day.

In the carousel she included a proper déjà vu moment – the perfect image of being promoted.

In the one photo, she stands beaming on the Miss World stage in a light pink dress, with the Miss South Africa sash dropped down to her feet and her new title of Miss World hanging over her shoulder.

She clearly had a similar feeling on the day of her graduation as her previous academic title made way for her new graduation belt.

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In a following post, she shared two pictures of her with her husband Daniel Strauss, saying: “Grateful for your support and endlessly listening to me trying to gather my own thoughts while completing my thesis.”

She also shared a reel with the caption: “What dreams are made of,” in which she is seen running through the halls of the university – her outfit matching her master’s degree’s mint colour.

Now, all one can do is wait and see what’s next for the talented Rolene Strauss, with whom there is clearly never a dull moment.