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Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
19 Jan 2016
1:49 pm

Auntie Viv takes on The Fresh Prince

Michelle Loewenstein

Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Vivian on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, posted a response to Jada's Oscars boycott video online.

In it, the actress lambastes Pinkett Smith for focusing on something as trivial as the Oscars.

Hubert also feels that Pinkett Smith’s outrage over the lack of black nominees, and more to do with the fact that Will Smith did not receive a nomination

“First of all, Miss Thing, does your man not have a mouth with which to speak?” she asks. “Girlfriend, there’s a lot of sh*t going on in the world that you don’t seem to recognise. People are dying. Our boys are being shot left and right. People are hungry. People are starving. People are trying to pay bills. And you are talking about some motherf**** actors and Oscars? It just aint that deep.”

She later says “Just because the world didn’t go the way you want it do go, doesn’t mean you can go out and ask people to sing ‘we shall overcome’ for you. You aint Barack and Michelle Obama.”

Hubert is harsh in her criticism of the Smiths, saying Jada’s recent standpoint is hypocritical.

“Y’all need to get over yourselves. You have a huge production company and you only produce your friends, your family and yourself. So you are a part of Hollywood and you are a part of the system that is unfair to other actors. So get real!”

She also addresses people who say her post is rooted in bitterness over an incident involving Will’s refusal to help the cast of The Fresh Prince negotiate for raises.

“B*tche’s please. It’s not about being bitter, it’s about being right.”

Watch the full video below – warning, explicit language is included.