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Bonang Matheba confirms she’s dating again

Bonang Matheba has been public about most of her relationships, but at this stage of her life, she's not telling anyone who her current partner is.

Media personality Bonang Matheba caused a stir by confirming that she is in a relationship. The news of her involvement generated significant buzz, causing her to trend on various social media platforms.

The media darling made the announcement during her first appearance on YFM’s newest breakfast show, The Way Up where she was interviewed by hosts Nia Brown, Mthaux, and Okay Wasabi.

Mystery man

Although Matheba did not disclose any specifics about who her partner is, a past clip of her wearing a Rich Mnisi orange trench coat while accompanied by a man of a darker complexion went viral on social media, sparking interest among her followers.

She seems to have deleted the video since it was posted.

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Bonang Matheba has dated some famous people before, including the likes of AKA, Euphonik, Slikour, D’banj, and is even rumoured to have dated soccer star Simphiwe Tshabalala, but she’s not telling anyone who she’s dating now.

In 2019, she posted some pictures of Albanian businessman Fatmir Hysenbelliu on her Instagram stories, leading to speculation that the two were involved romantically. But then she stopped talking about him, so people wondered if they broke up.

Bonang Matheba: Picture: Instagram.

In her more mature, quiet girl era

During her interview with the YFM, Matheba revealed that she’s been struggling to return to a regular work schedule after taking a break to travel during the pandemic. She elaborated that her schedule is now full with travel and filming for B*Dazzled.

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“There’s a variety of things. I have been working, I know the B Force are very annoyed with me. They feel I have been quiet but I have been working and not sharing, but I’ve gone much quieter.

“That’s because I’m 35 and the older you grow, the quieter you become and that’s because I did all the shouting and dancing when I was 20,” said Matheba.

Young, Famous & African

Bonang Matheba
‘Young, Famous & African’ season 2 star Bonang Matheba | Photo: Screenshot / YouTube/ Netflix on Africa

Bonang Matheba will be part of season two of Netflix’s first, scripted African reality show, Young, Famous & African, where she has a guest starring role.

In her interview, Matheba shared additional details about her involvement in Young, Famous & African.

“I’m part of season two of Young, Famous & African and it’s wonderful, it’s a guest starring role. I caused quite a riot in the 20 seconds that I’m there, but I enjoyed that,” said Matheba.

B* Dazzled

Matheba mentioned that she’s been filming her travels for her YouTube channel, B*Dazzled.

However, she added that she had to put things on hold due to the country’s period of mourning.

She added that the channel is now back on track, with a new episode set to be released on the upcoming Friday.

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