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By Bonginkosi Tiwane

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Burna Boy concert organiser cleared of all charges and plans to pay his revenge

Gregory Wings has cleared his name and has now filled a lawsuit against Ticketpro, FNB Bank and former business partner.

Gregory Wings, the US businessman who was the main investor in the now-cancelled Burna Boy concert, has been cleared of all fraud charges.

“My case was dropped because I didn’t do anything wrong. There was no evidence against me at all,” Wings told The Citizen. “I have my passport, I’m 100% free.”

The case was dropped yesterday at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court.

Wings was charged with fraud after suppliers of the Burna Boy concert weren’t paid, money due to them was allegedly stolen by Wings’ business partner, Sedote Nwachukwu.

“Thirty days before the concert, Gregory found out that Sedote had been stealing money from the ticket sales by Ticketpro. He (Sedote) had also not paid suppliers and everything was not going according to plan,” said a source in article in the Sunday World, earlier this month.

“With Gregory being in the paperwork which turned out to be fraudulent, he took the fall for everything that Sedote had done. He was then arrested for fraud in October and detained at Sun City (Johannesburg Prison) for seven days.”

“We wish to emphasize that our decision stems from our client’s desire to assist the state, seek closure, and clear his name and reputation,” read an application to withdraw the charges, by Wings’ legal team.

“He understands that he has the right to remain silent, yet subjectively and honestly, he believes he has nothing to hide.”

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 “Gregory Wings, has been cleared of all wrongdoings and all charges have been dropped against him in connection with the 23 September 2023 Burna Boy Concert in Johannesburg, SA,” read a statement by Wings’ team.

“Mr Wings is saddened that his investment into Sedote Nwachukwu’s business, Ternary Media Group, LLC has caused him so much pain and loss of income.”

In September when news of the Burna Boy concert being cancelled broke out, it also came out that Nwachukwu, who was the CEO of Ternary Media Group, allegedly embezzled company funds to bring the Grammy award winning artist.

Speaking to The Citizen in September Nwachukwu defended himself. “Firstly I have not stolen R8 million or any money so let’s get that out the way. This is not true and is 100 % false,” he said.

“I brought Gregory Wings into the entertainment world five months ago as his background is in construction. He was good with numbers and I thought bringing him into my field I could have someone who could help out when I was not around,” he said at the time.

“Sedote Nwachukwu is still wanted by SA police and Interpol to face fraud charges for the theft of $1.6m from Gregory Wings and R10m from TicketPro,” averred the recent statement.

Getting his money back

The media statement also said that Wings is filing lawsuits against Nwachukwu, Ticketpro, FNB Bank, Thabiso Tshabalala and Helga Kilzanie for defamation, extortion and loss of income.

“Mr Wings only goal with the lawsuits right now is to get his money back from the people who extorted him and tried to defame his character,” read the statement.

“But most importantly, he wants to make sure that what has happened to him, doesn’t happen to anyone else. Mr Wings believes that if it wasn’t for his financially stability, he would have been helpless in this situation.”

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