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Twitter has a field day after Cyan ‘drags’ Sithelo Shozi

Controversial influencer Cyan Boujee clapped back at Sithelo Shozi in a viral TikTok video after the DJ insinuated she was dirty.

Social media content creator Cyan Boujee (real name Honour Zuma) had Twitter and TikTok talking after she clearly dragged well-known, fellow content creator and DJ, Sithelo Shozi. 

Videos such as “what I go up today”, “get ready with me”, or people just cleaning their homes or apartments is currently one of the biggest trends on social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok.

Cyan Boujee is a known influencer for her looks and body, at times trending for the controversy that surrounds her. She posted a video cleaning her apartment, and the way the video starts, appears quite innocent. 

‘You don’t even own a house’

Cyan starts her video by doing the laundry, then rearranging some furniture and washing the dishes as she prepares for the weekend. 

She then says she has to address “a lady” who reposted one of her TikTok videos on Twitter. 

In the video, it clearly shows who the woman she is referring to, as Cyan inserts a screenshot of Sithelo Shozi’s Twitter comment. 

Shozi tweeted: “Le ndwangu isuke kuphi yayakuphi?” Translated it means “This cloth went from being used in which space and where else?” 

Commentators said the mother of three was insinuating that Cyan uses one cloth to clean multiple surfaces.

Cyan explained in her video that Shozi thought she was using one piece of cloth but she used two that looked alike. 

This may appear a minor jab for some, Cyan took Shozi’s comment personally saying the DJ insinuated she used the same cloth for her dishes and her toilet. 

The 21-year-old said instead of Shozi encouraging her she decided to drag her and call her dirty. 

According to tweeps Cyan then proceeded to drag Shozi ‘filfth’: “It’s so crazy how people will always bring you down when you try to do something. People that share the same career as you DJing and influencing… remember always, I’m almost as old as your son.”

“If you are rich you should know there are different cloths for everything in your house. Oh, it’s crazy because you don’t even have a house, you were too focused on the designers, you couldn’t even buy yourself a house or apartment where you can realise that there are two cloths needed to do two different things.”

Shozi has two daughters with ex-partner Andile Mpisane and the influencer hasn’t responded to Cyan’s clap back. 

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Twitter had a field day with Cyan’s response and video

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