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Egos sizzle in new ad campaign

Two big personalities are more than evenly matched in a new recipe for great taste presented by Checkers, as the chain keeps on ramping up its specialty offerings for gourmet food-loving South Africans.

Featured in a new promotional campaign is TV personality and Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay, with home-grown celebrity Nataniël on hand to monitor his otherwise occasionally steamy language. They sample two new specialty meat cuts.

The fun and entertaining TV campaign features the unlikely duo testing some of the new fare the store has on offer. The chemistry on set was sizzling and the language at times rather saucy as Ramsay explained how to prepare and cook the meat; dusting it with salt and pepper and searing it fat side down in a scorching hot pan, while Nataniël smirked behind him and added a tongue-in-cheek Afrikaans comment: “My tannie lê so as die stoep warm is.” (My aunt lies like that if the patio is warm.)

Asked about his co-star, he said he found Nataniël “hilarious” and “quirky”, while Nataniël in turn quipped: “He’s not used to sharing his spotlight and neither am I. We were like two circus lions, not sure who was going to jump through the hoop and who was going to eat the other one.”

Declared Nataniël at the end of the shoot: “Siestog, hy’s toe nie so erg nie!” (Shame man, he’s not that bad!)

Neil Schreuder, marketing director of Checkers, said: “We work incredibly hard to offer world-class products and to have someone of Gordon’s calibre endorsing Checkers is an absolute privilege.”


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