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By Bonginkosi Tiwane

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Former YoTV presenter Sade Giliberti ‘enGAYged’ to long-term girlfriend

Sade Giliberti found love after relocating to the UK in 2015. After eight years of dating, she and her partner announced their engagement.

After celebrating their eight year anniversary in March, former YoTV presenter Sade Giliberti and her partner announced their engagement on Instagram on Thursday, with much support from loved ones.

Announcing the news, the couple shared a selfie of themselves smiling and simply captioning it “enGAYged!!”.

Sade is a child star who was one of the most popular kids presenters on SABC 1’s YoTV. In 2015 she moved to the UK and it seems her partner Coco Chane has made settling in Europe easier for the South African media personality.

HHP’s wife Lerato Sengadi was one of those wishing the couple well, with her sights already on the wedding day. “Congratulations my love!!!! I’m ready to be a strooi meisie,” wrote Sengadi.

“Congratulations!! With all those houseplants in your house, I know you two would get a clue and be two sexy partners for life. I love you dearly. Congratulation!! Now it’s time to party,” wrote Asanda Madikane.

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Sade has previously spoken about being afraid of coming out as lesbian to her father when in her late teens.

“There was a possibility that this could have ‘ruined my career’. My father feared the same thing‚ more so he feared for my safety. Correctional rape had started to rear its ugly face. It didn’t ruin my career and I was in fact one of the lucky ones to have remained safe! Every day I’m thankful for this‚” she said in 2017. Sade is one of the biggest advocates of the LGBTQI community.

Celebrating love

The two aren’t shy to share their love for one another on social media. Just a few days ago, Chane celebrated her birthday and Sade wrote her a lovely message.

“Here’s to being as majestic and glorious as the sun, as you come into this next phase of your life. A new year for you to roar even louder! I’m in awe of the fire within you. It’s infectious. The fire sign in me, adores the fire sign in you! Happy birthday, my love!”

On their anniversary this year, Sade created a video showing off her fiancée confessing her obsession with Chane.

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