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‘I’ve lost half a million because of my activism’ – Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai confirmed that she wanted R70,000 to appear on MacG's podcast saying the money was to cover part of her legal bills.

Ntsiki Mazwai is clearing the air about the claims MacG made on his podcast last week, alleging that the controversial poet asked for money to appear on his platform.

In his episode, MacG extended an invitation to Mazwai to discuss the Ari Lennox controversy and the tweets where the RnB singer called Africans “peasants”.

MacG shockingly asked Lennox if “someone was f****ing” her good right now”, which received widespread backlash, resulting in the singer opening up about how she felt uncomfortable and violated by the question.

For the discussion, MacG was open to having Mazwai share her opinion, however, he alleged the artist wanted R70,000 to appear on his show.

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Mazwai denied the allegation and has followed up with a statement confirming she actually did ask for the payout in a private conversation, but there was a reason she did so.

“The R70,000 discussed was to help pay for my legal bills and this was made very clear. They gave me the impression they want to help as they felt I was not treated with justice by the system. Their office was very vocal about the people who sued me and they wanted to help.

“When the deal wasn’t coming together, it was followed by a string of insults on WhatsApp; which ultimately resulted in them choosing to frame the narrative to cause harm to my image,” the statement read.

Mazwai went on to say she did not want to appear on the podcast because of its “misogynistic” tone.

“However, I was willing to ignore my feelings to get my legal bills partly covered by my appearance on the show.”

She added that what has since transpired is a lesson for herself to never do things that don’t align with her brand.

Mazwai apologised to gender-based violence victims and people who have been affected for the “false narrative” created about her.

“I would never take money for your pain,” she concluded.

Mazwai has been open about how the legal actions against her as an activist has affected her pockets.

She did a Twitter Space, similar to Instagram Live video but on audio, speaking further on the matter. She said she was surprised that MacG and his co-host Sol Phenduka had the “guts” to mention her on their show.

She said she had every right to decline the interview, and it was a reflection on them of how poorly they handle their business by sharing the information of her rejecting the invitation.

Mazwai further clarified she never used her platform or voice as an activist for money.

“Using my voice has drained me of half a million rand because I stood there when nobody else was standing there saying I believe the victims. You must understand that I’ve never accused anybody of rape except for my own rapists, I’ve never accused anyone of rape,” she reiterated.

Mazwai was in a legal battle with DJ Fresh, who took legal action against her for resharing a “Me Too” tweet that named him as a rapist on Twitter.

Mazwai was among the many people who republished the allegations, however, she is one of the few people the DJ took legal action against. 

Fresh claimed on MacG’s podcast that it cost him about R200,000 in legal fees.

He labelled her choice to stand her ground “arrogant”, and spoke about the way in which she chose to enact her activism.

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