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Grecian spring spark: Jacaranda’s Rob Forbes’ proposal puts passion in the air

The couple was in Greece from the last week of April to the second week of May, spending about 18 days there.

Spending time in Greece during the country’s Spring season would make most girlfriends and partners happy, but Jacaranda’s Rob Forbes took it a notch higher and proposed to his long-time partner.

And she said yes.

“I was feeling a touch nervous. I think that’s expected. But also very excited. I knew Leah would say yes,” Forbes told The Citizen, laughing.

“She dropped what she was carrying when I got down on one knee! It was a yes, and tears, and laughing, and we celebrated long into the evening.”

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Meticulous planning leads to picture-perfect proposal

The co-hosts of The Drive with Rob and Roz on Jacaranda FM was meticulous in his planning; choosing the perfect place and ideal ring that his four-year partner, Leah Jazz, would like.

“I was glad I’d taken some time to get such a beautiful ring and we were in such a beautiful place. I love love, and I love being in love.”

The broadcaster chose the picturesque landscapes of Greece, where crystal blue waters meet ancient history – the perfect backdrop to ask the love of his life to marry him.

“Springtime is beautiful. You’re there before the European summer high season, so it’s quiet. All the fruit trees (and they’re everywhere) are in bloom,” shared Forbes.

“The orange trees in Athens were all heavy with citrus. The water was cool, the evenings were mild, and the vibes were immaculate. We were also there over Greek Easter, which was such a cultural experience.”

The couple were in the European country from the last week of April to the second week of May, spending 18 days there. 

Where love blossomed in Greece’s most romantic city

The proposal took place in Nafplio, which was their first stop. The city is dubbed the “most romantic city in Greece”.

“That’s where I popped the question. It’s small, cosy and intimate. The old town is a tangle of tight streets and squares where no car could get to. People are out walking, eating and laughing. In that sense it does feel a little like home,” averred Forbes.

He found the Greeks to be hospitable and welcoming people, similar to South Africans.

“Everywhere we went people were happy to share a table, share a conversation, and offer some advice. No-one is rude, everyone is friendly, everyone wants to dance and eat and drink and laugh with their friends around a big table. South Africans know how to be happy like that.”

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The ring: A timeless treasure

The wedding band that Forbes went with was designed by a Mignon Daubermann from Cape Town.

“We went back and forth for a couple of weeks on probably three or four designs. We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted – Leah wanted something art deco, and I wanted to make sure it was a bit different – something timeless. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.”

The engaged couple is yet to set a wedding date.  “We have some plans, but nothing is locked in yet. 2025 might be the year.”

Forbes said listeners of his show have flooded them with well wishes.  

“Incredible, really! We’ve been swamped with congratulations and well wishes from every side, and the Jacaranda FM family have been so excited. I can’t wait to finally get to do the thing!”

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