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Radio presenter Rob Forbes shares his top Zanzibar travel tips

Rob Forbes is the host of Jacaranda FM’s ‘The Drive With Rob And Roz’.

If you are planning to pack your bags and jet off to Zanzibar for a nice vacation, Rob Forbes has a few tips for you.

The radio presenter recently shared his four Zanzibar travel tips after his trip to this tropical paradise with his partner and fellow radio personality, Leah Jazz.

Rob described a visit to Zanzibar as a perfect blend of historical exploration, culinary delights, and rejuvenating beach days, adding that it should be a must on everyone’s travel bucket list this year.

Rob Forbes’ Zanzibar travel tips

Explore the historic Stone Town

Rob recommends keeping an eye out for what the beautiful Zanzibari doors in ‘the stone town’ have to offer while exploring.

He said in Stone Town, you can find a diverse selection of shops and stalls offering an array of art, textiles, coffee, and spices. The distinctive architecture, influenced by Swahili, Indian, Arab, and European styles, showcases the rich history of the island.

Culinary delights at Forodhani Night Market

He said the highlight of his visit to Zanzibar was indulging in some delicious food at the vibrant Forodhani Night Market.

From fresh seafood to Zanzibari Pizza while washing the meal down with freshly squeezed sugarcane and lime juice, creating an authentic Zanzibar dining experience.

Tranquil days in Kiwengwa

After spending some time in Stone Town, Rob said he visited the village of Kiwengwa on the island’s east coast and enjoyed the tranquillity of a one-bedroom apartment with a private pool surrounded by palm trees.

Crystal-clear Waters

The radio host said no trip to Zanzibar is complete without enjoying the island’s beautiful waters.

He said he embarked on a snorkelling adventure with The Safari Blue, sailing to the beautiful reefs south of the island on their own boat.

According to Rob, the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life are some of Zanzibar’s aquatic treasures and a major tourist attraction for the island.”


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