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‘You’ve been married for five minutes’ – K Naomi’s relationship advice hits a nerve

Adoration for K Naomi quickly turned to annoyance when model shared her thoughts on hypergamy and the state of modern relationships.

Adoration for model-turned-housewife Keitumetse Naomi Phakhathi (popularly known as K Naomi) quickly turned to ire after sharing her thoughts on the state of modern relationships.

“I don’t think waking up next to your partner everyday is enough. You guys need to actively do stuff together i.e dates, activities, etc. Things that will help you get to know your partner better and create a stronger bond between you two,” began K Naomi.

“Also this generation is a ‘we keep it moving…’ type of generation when it comes to love. They don’t take anything seriously, material things and money matter the most and really think they can always do better… Basic morals like trust, respect, loyalty come last,” she added, much to the annoyance of Twitter users. 

She was quickly met with resistance over her comment about material things and money taking precedence in relationships. 

K Naomi recently married wealthy businessman Tshepo Phakhathi and her fans didn’t hold back when sharing their beliefs that she never would have married him had he not been wealthy. 

Nawe nje (even you) you got married to him cause unemali kahle kuzama kuzenza ncono (because he has money and take it easy with trying to seem superior) and being a boring 2 month married motivation speaker,” retorted @Londie_Mthethwa.

“I hope her husband doesn’t publicly humiliate her ever. Because we will cook her for real. Kusakuncane lokho (it’s not that serious),” added @uza_nokuhle.

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“You’re not gonna stay with your man when you realise that he doesn’t have the kind of money you think he has, but carry on,” tweeted @ChatWithNelo, while @MMandisa_ simply said, “Lol eseng wena Mei skat (not you my love), love you still but eseng wena shame.”

Bathong Naomi 5 minutes nyana setse ore motivator ‘this generation’ okar wena you belong to a better generation,” remarked @komapelerato19. 

“It’s been like 5 minutes. Awume kancane sisi,” joked @ndlovukazi100, to which @ReaKhu relied: “Lol that’s what I said when I saw this, like on the real it’s been like 5 minutes.”

The response wasn’t entirely negative, however, as many seemed to understand her point of view. 

She doesn’t seem to have responded to the backlash as she merrily kept on tweeting and sub-tweeting insults at an unnamed adversary.

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