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By Carine Hartman

Chief sub-editor

To all mothers out there: Let every day be a Mother’s Day, you deserve it

That’s my wish for all you mothers out there.

Mother’s Day, like Valentine’s Day, leaves me stone cold.

I see all being pressured to waste hard-earned money on roses and chocolates when a morning kiss and a hug will do – which I get in any case.

Popping in on this “special day” is reward enough. Organising a braai and salads even better.

But then I forgot how innovative kids are. Breakfast in bed again – but the twist is Son made it. Overcooked and all it was fit for a queen.

Pride of place under my kitchen light a fabulous Perspex seagull mobile reflects all the colours of the rainbow as it glides gracefully up and down – the handiwork of Middle Son.

“You should sell these” – and a business idea is born.

A Zoom call of over an hour from Daughter and a late-night one from Oldest in the Cape just made my day.

But did I expect any less?

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These are kids who have a limit of R20 per person for Christmas gifts, which they cleverly pool together for something half-decent.

These are kids who know making you feel special is far more than choccies and a very overpriced card. Try freshly baked cookies.

Or germinate some spinach seedlings ready for potting and I am a fulfilled woman.

These are kids who know: money is tight, tight, tight so think out of the box.

Did I not for my Big 60 birthday get a framed list of “60 things we love about you”?

Half of the list I’ve either forgotten about or simply didn’t know it was cherished (like mixing up their names; never remembering their ages; even my deafness has a special place apparently).

A personal and priceless gift – and totally thinking out of the box.

Not that they even need to, because I feel like a special mother every day.

My thank yous for solving problems big and small come with that welcome cup of coffee; popping out to the shops to do some grocery shopping; watering the vegetable patch; filling up a tank with their precious money, not mine; feeding the animals and keeping the Wi-Fi going no matter load shedding or power cuts.

And, of course, showering me with an abundance of love.

So, that’s my wish for all you mothers out there: let every day be Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

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