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‘I’m scared,’ tweets Lasizwe, as Khanyi Mbau goes ‘missing’

Instagram users are searching for Khanyi Mbau who 'disappeared' while vacationing with her boyfriend in Dubai.

“Where is Khanyi Mbau?”

That is the question on everyone’s lips after her partner, Kudzai Terrence Mushonga, went on a posting spree on Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday morning on his account @_iam_47.

“Imagine paying your girlfriend’s daughter’s fees before you drop her at the salon at 6pm and she tells you, ‘babe I will text you 30 min before I’m done so you can pick me up,” wrote Mushonga.

He went on to lament “rushing home” to make dinner after taking part in a Zoom meeting and waiting hours on end for his partner, Mbau, to return home.

“I have not cheated on you since the day I met you, I have taken care of you since day one. Why do I get treated like this? You have not seen anything on my phone because when it comes to you I’m an honest man!” he wrote in a different Instagram story.

Mushonga added that their relationship was taking its toll on his mental health, saying that it “destroys” him and affects his ability to work.

“Our high times are nice but sometimes my baby you break me into [pieces].”

Mbau and Mushonga are currently on vacation in Dubai.

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Mushonga calls in the gossip blogs

Mbau’s bae then turned to Instagram gossip blogs for help after claiming that Mbau was missing and that he was worried.

He assured the blog that he was just venting because he was hurt but that this was not the end of their relationship.

In screenshots of an Instagram exchange between Mushonga and the owner of the @maphepa_ndaba Instagram account, he can be seen telling the gossip blogger: “I’m not breaking up with [her], but I’m just letting her know I’m hurt. I will be fine eventually.”

Fans became worried after Mushonga claimed, for hours, that Mbau was nowhere to be found and that her responses via WhatsApp were uncharacteristic. He also stated that she was rejecting his video calls.

He then shared screenshots of a chat with a contact saved as “wifey” and thought to be Mbau, where she is seen saying that she was sleeping elsewhere that evening and only went to bed at 7.30 in the morning. Mushonga then presses her to find out who she is with before she insists that she is alone.


“Guys I’m still alone. The reason I posted this is Khanyi’s family knows I’m with her. If anything happens to her I’m responsible and my family will be in trouble,” Mushonga told the blog.

The blog owner then returns some hours later to find out Mbau’s whereabouts, to which Mushonga responds and says that she is not yet back.

“No she is not back, and that’s what is hurting me. We didn’t have an argument today, we did groceries and it was my turn to make dinner.”

“Why didn’t she just tell me,’baby [I] just need a bit of time to think’,” he added.

Mbau’s boyfriend said they were staying in a spacious suite and that would have allowed him to stay out of her way if she needed space.


“I’m just posting this coz [sic] I’m the last person seen with her! And her family knows I’m with her, should anything happen to her on her disappearance, I don’t want to be nailed for it,” he exclaimed.

His statements caused further panic among fans who begged for Lasizwe’s input since he is Mbau’s brother and he shared a clip of them on a video call while she was at the salon.

Indaba zabantu ayi two, asizingeni guys,” responded Lasizwe in a voice note. The sentence basically translates to “stay out of a couple’s business”.

He later tweeted and deleted that he was scared but didn’t say why or what the statement was in connection with.

At the time of writing, Mbau’s whereabouts were still unknown.

UPDATE: According to a recent report by TshisaLIVE, Mbau has confirmed, via Instagram, that she is “well and alive.”

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