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Lorna Maseko raises eyebrows for supporting Nadia Nakai and AKA’s relationship

Bonang Matheba's ex-bestie, Lorna Maseko, recently showed love for the relationship between Bonang's ex AKA and Nadia Nakai.

Dancer turned celebrity chef and television host Lorna Maseko has raised some eyebrows after a recent tweet about rapper Nadia Nakai’s relationship with AKA.

“Am I the only one secretly waiting for Aka and Nadia to drop like a hot song…. Like that Nicki and Meek vibe …. Either way I think they could create something out of this world amazing…. Good Morning,” tweeted Maseko on Tuesday.

Maseko, who for years, was counted among some of Bonang Matheba’s closest friends riled fans up with her tweet about Bonang’s ex-boyfriend’s new relationship with one of her other former friends. 

Bathong mma dipitsa o bitter ex-friend yoh. There was no need for this tweet,” responded @Lesego_Mosetlha along with a video meme of Bonang Matheba.

Mma dipitsa” is a reference to the fact that Maseko cooks.

“Ex friends who can’t just move on,” added @Mam_thiya.

“…FREE vacations all over the world, expensive gifts, appearances on her reality show and now you tweet this nonsense? Delete lamanyala we Lorna,” chided @DJMaverickZA.

It wasn’t all shade in her replies, however.

There were those who agreed with Maseko’s idea adding that they felt as though a musical collaboration between the two lovers would be hot.

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Maseko and Matheba quietly drifted apart some years ago and have not made any public comments about each other since.

Despite keeping their friendship break up quiet, fans noticed that they were no longer spending time together and speculated that there was trouble in paradise.

Nadia Nakai, who Matheba also considered a friend, shocked the masses when she started hinting at a relationship with AKA before confirming it a few weeks ago.

Maseko’s public support of their relationship has been considered a confirmation of the end of the friendship and a jab at Matheba who recently moved back to the country full time.  

In a few days, Maseko will be starting a new show called Home Grown Tastes under the BBC Lifestyle umbrella produced by BBC Studios Africa.