Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck brings ‘Liewe Heksie’ back to life

The famous ‘Dowwe Dolla’ has now been replaced with an old-time favourite, luring nostalgic parents and curious toddlers to theatres nationwide.

Entertainer, Margit Mayer-Rödenbeck is certainly not one to sit on her laurels. It was during the Covid-19 lockdown that The Citizen reported about her decision to retire from her all-consuming, comic role as Dowwe Dolla.

Now, she has swapped her bright red lollipops for the broom of many parents’ favourite childhood character, Liewe Heksie.

Yes, Heksie’s broom has been dusted off and Margit and her fellow actor, Deon van Zyl are touring across the country with the famous children’s production once again.

Deon van Zyl plays three roles in the production: Karel Kat, Koning Rosekrans and the yellow witch (Geel Heks).

“Dolla was a large part of my life for a very long time. She was good for me in many ways. I got a platform from which I could do satire, to think critically and she gave me a long career. Still, there is a time for come and go,” Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck says.

Margit told Maroela Media that it is fun to tour again, especially with a children’s production, which is creating a lot of dialogue nationwide.

They did the same production ten years ago and Liewe Heksie had initially been part of Margit’s life almost just as long as Dowwe Dolla was.

Years later, Liewe Heksie is just as relevant on television, on stage and in books and the production, Liewe Heksie en die Rolskaatse has recently even won a KANNA Award for Best Children’s Production.

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