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‘Still a racist clown’: The Kiffness stirring up tempers again after controversial election meme

“2019 election there was plenty ANC campaign posters, but no electricity. This year I haven't seen any ANC campaign posters, but there's plenty electricity.”

South African musician and parody artist, The Kiffness, real name, David Scott, had South Africans hot under the collar on Friday after sharing a controversial election meme on his X, formerly Twitter account.

Captioned: ‘Which way South Africa?’, the meme is of a young white boy standing at a cross roads – one path leading to a dark, scary looking castle with political logos such as ANC, Patriotic Alliance, uMkhonto we Sizwe, Good and PAC paving the route. The other path, leading to the beautiful castle with sunshine is marked with logos of the DA, IFP, Freedom Front Plus, Action SA and the African Christian Democratic Party.

Netizens flocked to the comments section of the meme accusing Scott of being racist. The Citizen reached out to Scott on Friday for comment regarding the meme, but we have yet to receive a response.

Despite being dragged through the streets of social media, The Kiffness seems to be determined to cause even more upset around the upcoming elections on 29 May.

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The Kiffness on loadshedding and the ANC

Taking to his X timeline once again on Sunday afternoon, Scott shared several posts linking the current ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) to the country’s lack of electricity over the last couple of months, urging South Africans to ‘vote wisely’.

“The ANC wants you to believe that no loadshedding for a month means there’s light at the end of the tunnel. All reasonable South Africans know that no loadshedding for a month means there’s tunnel at the end of the light. Vote wisely come 29 May,” his first post read.

Not even an hour later, Scott followed up the post with another one.

“2019 election there was plenty ANC campaign posters, but no electricity. This year I haven’t seen any ANC campaign posters, but there’s plenty electricity.  Anyone else notice that?” he wrote.

Late on Sunday afternoon, he once again took to X, sharing three pictures of a despondent man just staring ahead of him. The post was captioned: “Eskom se Push waiting for 30th May.” (Eskom se Push is an app that allows users to view what areas will be affected by power outages that day.)

‘We still not voting [for] your racist cult’ – social media reactions

Netizens were once again left unimpressed by the comedian’s election comments, accusing him of racism yet again.

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