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Unathi gets an apology from taxi association after altercation

Unathi Nyaki has received an apology from the taxi association on behalf of the taxi driver who laid hands on her during an altercation.

Media personality and Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi has thanked the taxi association for taking decisive action after her altercation with a taxi driver this week.

Unathi’s videos went viral after she shared an incident where a taxi driver bumped her car without indicating. He then got out of his car and started intimidating her.

The driver repeatedly laid his hands on her during their heated exchange. Unathi thanked people for their compassion and said she had a Zoom meeting with the taxi driver, the chairperson, the public relations officer of the Faraday Taxi Association.

They all apologised on behalf of him and the association because it is “not the reputation they would like to spread.”

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“They have officially apologised and they have given me the driver’s details, so I can take it to the police station.”

The singer said the association urged the public to continue recording and reporting incidences of taxi drivers so they hold them accountable.

Unathi will be paid for the dent caused during the accident.


During the situation, some men did intervene to defuse it, as the driver tried to put his hands on her when things got more tense.

Unathi wrote on Instagram: “What we deal with as South African woman! He bumps my car, shouts at me to intimidate me. When that doesn’t work he repeatedly puts his hands on me. When that doesn’t work he flees. BUT the other men trying to diffuse the situation ALSO think it’s okay TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ME.

“Also [they] think it’s okay to put their hands on me. Happy Women’s Month ladies. P.S I’m fine. Will open up a hit-and-run case. WOAW South Africa. WOAW.”

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