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Graham is the Ultimate Survivor SA

Graham Jenneker walked away with the title of Ultimate Survivor SA and R1 million on Sunday night.

The competitive Graham (29) from Bellville, Cape Town outplayed ‘underdog’ finalists Sivu Xabanisa and Buhle Madlala to walk away with the ultimate prize.

 In his final speech to the jury, the financial manager told the jury he played the game as a champion should – in the front line, changing the game and forging his own path.

Former contestant Solly told Graham he’d “messed up” 25 days of immaculate play by not voting Sivu out at the previous Tribal Council.  When Zavion asked him how the R1 Million prize would change his life he responded, “I guess its no surprise I want to get married and start a family. A million rand wouldn’t just promise a wedding, but also provide for my future family.”

Captains Corne Krige (Selatan) and Mark Fish (Utara) also had a chance to grill the finalists. Krige insisted he would vote his vote on the person who had given it their all and played the game the way it was meant to be played –  ruthlessly. Fish however said that while he had first been sure who he’d get his vote ‘little things’ had changed his mind.

In the end Graham came out victorious, getting five of the votes compared to Buchle’s three and Sivu’s two.

Meanwhile Survivor SA viewers chose Krige as the winning captain, handing him a prize of over R500 000.

Social media exploded as the winner was announced, with #SurvivorSA trending on twitter.

The reaction was equally enthusiastic on the Survivor SA facebook page.

Adri Goss posted on facebook: “Well done Graham!!! You did not play the poor background card. So proud of you. Enjoy your money and best wishes for the future!!!”

Lizette De Waal added “And he deserves to win it! He worked hard for it! I loved Shane talk with Graham! At the end of it all, its a game. Marion is surprised at peoples reaction, I loved the way she played the game because its a game it was when she got on the jury that I took a dislike in her attitude there!”

Did your favourite Survivor win?

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