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23 Jul 2021
5:29 pm

‘Kyk Wie Praat’: About last night

Renate Engelbrecht

Kyk Wie Praat, an Afrikaans game show based on the British Small Talk, has everyone talking after its launch last night.

KykNET’s brand-new game show, Kyk Wie Praat, kicked off last night. In the show, children take the spotlight, keeping contestants on their toes.

The show has seen award-winning actor, De Klerk Oelofse (known for his roles in Hotel, Boekklub, Flatland and Kanarie) stepping into his presenter shoes for the first time. He is also a co-producer of Kyk Wie Praat, with Jaco Nothnagel as series producer and director.

Oelofse says: It is a “spik-splinternuwe speletjies program!”

In Kyk Wie Praat, an hour-long game show based on the British Small Talk, a group of cheeky kids aged between six and nine are asked various questions, while four adult contestants guess and predict what the kids’ answers will be.

Each episode’s four adult contestants are eliminated until only one remains and contestants who earn enough points stand a chance of winning a weekend away for the whole family.

There is also the opportunity to win R10,000 per episode and if the money is not won, it gets added to a jackpot prize up for grabs in the thirteenth and final episode, where the four best contestants of the series will battle it out.

De Klerk Oelofse in his first role as presenter
De Klerk Oelofse as presenter of kykNET’s Kyk Wie Praat. Image: Supplied

De Klerk Oelofse says that they had a lot of entries for the show and they eventually had 62 children to work with in the series. They cast nine children per episode and De Klerk says “they are just so cute, and every child has his own unique way of looking at the world…”

He was amazed at how comfortable the children were to share their outlook on this strange world with the viewers.

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Oelofse’s favourite game on the show takes place in the second round and is called “Die of Daai”. He gives the children two impossible options where he would, for instance, ask them whether they would rather eat ice cream with tomato sauce or a biscuit with mustard.

The adult contestants then guess which one of the two options most of the nine children chose. Other games in the show include knowledge questions and questions focused on opinion.

De Klerk Oelofse says that the goal is to get to know the children well so you can choose one to team up with in the last round.

Four celebs took part in the first episode last night, including entertainer Emo Adams, comedian Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, singer Pierre Greeff and TV personality Tracey Lange.

In an Instagram post, Margit Meyer- Rödenbeck said that she thinks the programme is going to be a huge success. She also says that De Klerk Oelofse is a great presenter and that the children on the show are precious, yet rather unpredictable, which is exactly what everyone believes will make the show a success. She went on to say that she and her fellow contestants were rather competitive (in a good way).

De Klerk Oelofse said that as much as he and the contestants learn about the children on the show, he also learned a lot about the contestants.

In an interview with Tracey de Lange, he said that he never knew that she was so competitive. She admitted, though that the games were more difficult than expected. Though she initially thought parents would be hard to compete with, at one point they all felt that they knew nothing about children.

Kyk Wie Praat
Kyk Wie Praat provides entertainment for the whole family. Image: Supplied

In the first episode of Kyk Wie Praat, the surprisingly competitive Tracey de Lange was the winner and the prize money was split between the four contestants’ chosen charities, with Igdienashirathal Mustakiem Training, Alta du Toit Nasorg, Gift of the Givers and Masake Foundation each receiving R2,500.

The brand-new television programme boasts a lot of fun and entertainment for both young and old. Watch it on kykNET (DStv channel 144), Thursday evenings at 8PM.