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‘Uthando Nesthembu’: Sne will give Musa those 20 kids he wants

Musa Mseleku's children stole the show in the latest episode of 'uThando Nesthembu', as he is expecting more grandchildren.

Fans of uThando Nesthembu were happy that the latest episode of season five had no talks about wife number five. 

The uThando Nesthembu audience has grown restless with the first month of episodes centred around polygamists Musa Mseleku’s quest for a fifth wife. 

The reason people fell in love with the show wasn’t just because of the wives but their children as well. 

uThando Nesthembu finally showed this in the latest episode which aired on Thursday evening. 

Mseleku’s kids steal the show

In this episode, we saw Mseleku have lunch with his kids with his fourth wife MaNgwabe. He complimented his wife’s attire, saying she looked “classy” and didn’t wear anything skimpy, which in his definition is wearing pants or showing off some legs. 

Their conversation went into a serious matter about their daughter Zenanade and her condition of a cleft palate, something she was born with. It is a common birth defect that occurs when a baby’s lip or mouth does not form properly during pregnancy. 

MaNgwabe, a trained nurse explained that it is an underdevelopment, and that Zenanade would need to do another brain scan to see if her brain has fully developed. 

“Her speech isn’t like the other kids but at least she can speak. I am happy she can speak,” she said. 

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Mseleku added that he has never had a child like Zenandae and this makes him nervous and anxious. However, since she is in a special school and has learnt to speak, it made him love her more including his wife. 

The wholesome episode proceeded to show MaKhumalo taking her teenage stepdaughter Mpilonhle (Mpilo) for a game of miniature golf.  

Mpilo wants to change her surname, however her biological family, the Zungus are making this difficult as they want MaKhumalo to pay damages as she wants to legally be her guardian.

With both agreeing that the Zungus’ intentions may be ill-intended, however, MaKhumalo cited she will support Mpilo in whatever decision she makes. 

In the meantime, his first wife, MaCele’s daughter, Abongwe is planning her matric farewell. She had two things she wanted from her parents, a car and a suit. The teenager asked for either a Jaguar or a Rolls Royce; both MaCele and Mseleku found this hilarious. 

Abongwe was adamant she was going to wear a suit and not a skirt as suggested by her mother. 

More grandchildren

When Mseleku said he wanted to have 20 children, he didn’t think his kids would be making him a grandfather to several children so soon. 

One of his sons, Mpumuelelo had a child out of wedlock. Mseleku and MaYeni agreed they have to pay damages to the woman’s family, a custom in African culture to do so. The businessman also wants his young son (21) to marry his girlfriend and not impregnate other women. 

Mpumelelo explained he met his baby mama in 2019, during a party in Cape Town. 

He too has the intention to be a polygamist. 

Viewers who have followed Sne’s journey, know that she has had a difficult relationship with her father. Particularly since she keeps having children without his blessing and she’s not married either.

MaCele criticised her daughter’s parenting, deciding at one point to raise one of Sne’s children. 

The first wife also figured out that Sne was pregnant for the third time. When Sne confirmed she was expecting, the news didn’t sit well with MaCele. 

Twitter reacts to Uthando Nesthembu’s latest “wholesome” episode:

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