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‘uThando Nesthembu’ latest episode: Musa Mseleku has a new girlfriend

Musa Mseleku's wish for a fifth wife was denied on the latest episode of 'uThando Nesthembu', as he informed his wives of a new lover.

Polygamist Musa Mseleku didn’t receive the comfort he expected after he showed his raw emotions about getting his fifth wife, which has been quite the prolonged saga.

An issue that continues to be discussed on season six of uThando Nesthembu has had viewers frustrated in episode four, which aired on Thursday evening. 

Musa Mseleku’s wife number five wish denied

Mseleku visited his first wife, MaCele and brought up the uncomfortable topic of taking a new wife.  

He explained to MaCele that he has ended his relationship with the woman he wanted to make his fifth wife. MaCele said she was very happy with the news. 

But then he made a surprising revelation that he had found another woman who he wanted to take as his new girlfriend. 

News that didn’t sit well with MaCele, as she was unaware of who this new woman was and that it wasn’t Khumalo. 

The four wives were informed last season that the next wife was going to come from the surname of Khumalo however, he has changed his mind. 

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The father of 10 was trying to convince MaCele to attend a family meeting in which he wanted to inform the other wives. 

Becoming emotional, and having tears in his eyes, Mseleku said he didn’t want to be seen as a failure in his quest for his next wife.

As Mseleku left MaCele, the first wife broke down in tears, explaining in her confessional that she too held the responsibility of hoping none of the wives leave him. 

Another family meeting

There have been back-to-back family meetings about Mseleku’s new wife’s dilemma.

The wives are frustrated and in this meeting, it was clear to see. 

Mseleku said he was surprised that MaYeni was in attendance as she made it clear in the previous episodes that she wasn’t interested and didn’t support his quest.

Informing his four wives, Mseleku said: “I’d like to tell you that I am seeing someone else, whom I’d like you to meet. Her surname is Mtolo”.

Except for MaCele as she was informed prior to the meeting. The other wives; MaYeni, Makhumalo and MaNgwabe were surprised by the revelation that he had a new girlfriend. 

Mseleku said if the wives wish to meet her, he will set up the introduction, however, he will not force them to do it.

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MaKhumalo said her husband handled the situation like a game of chess – at first, saying wife number five is no more – than changing his mind and saying he has another woman but as a girlfriend. 

MaCele said she doesn’t want to meet Mtolo as Mseleku has no intention of marrying her. 

However, Mseleku cunningly said in his confessional: “I want this to haunt them. I want them to ask me individually about her… I will then take the next step, which is to meet her.” 

MaYeni said she wasn’t happy that he didn’t reveal all the information about Mtolo.

As the meeting came to an end, Mseleku got emotional and seemed defeated, however, his wives weren’t buying it, as none of them comforted him. 

MaKhumalo concluded that MaMtolo can be the one to comfort him as he tried to manipulate their emotions.  

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