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Sisterwives MaCele and MaKhumalo want to help fix your relationships

MaCele and MaKhumalo have a new show tackling relationship issues. The sister wives said they will help fix problems such as money and sex.

In a surprising twist sister wives Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku and Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku are willing to help other couples work through their relationship drama. 

The reality stars appear on the popular polygamist family show uThando Nesthembu and have been honest about the challenges of sharing a husband, Musa Mseleku. 

In navigating their issues of being one of four wives, MaKhumalo shared on Instagram that she and MaCele will be helping other couples. 

This will be a new show for the pair, who have had stints in TV shows outside uThando Nesthembu. 

MaCele and MaKhumalo’s new show

In the clip, MaCele says in the show they will be discussing matters of the heart, love and your well-being in a relationship, also how people deal with heartbreak.

“If you are no longer sexually attracted to your partner, or you have financial problems, we will fix such issues in a relationship,” MaCele said.

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The pair then call on people to send an SMS or a WhatsApp message and or voice note to reach out for help. 

Watch the clip of MaCele and MaKhumalo:

As this is the early stages of the show, there is no set date of when it will air however it does have a title, Ezomshado (for marriage) NoMaCele and NoThobile.

Some fans of the show may think the duo are the right choice to advise other couples because of the type of relationship they have with Mseleku. The sister wives have said their unions include a lot of compromise and communication.

In an episode on season six of uThando Nesthembu, MaKhumalo revealed it took over a year for Mseleku to sleep at her house because she had given her days to the fourth wife MaNgwabe, for her to settle in the family. 

“As a family, sharing is not a problem,” MaKhumalo stated.  

MaKhumalo added that her husband will get younger wives the older he gets because they will not be able to satisfy his needs at an older age. 

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