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‘Uthando Nesthembu’: Musa blames Sne’s painful past for her current situation

In the latest episode of 'Uthando Nesthembu', Musa revealed that Sne had previously been raped by a family member.

Picking up on the news shared in the last episode of Uthando Nesthembu regarding Sne’s pregnancy, MaCele informed her husband that the family would be expanding and not necessarily in the way he may have wanted. 

It is no secret that the patriarch of the Mseleku family, Musa, would like to have more children, however, as a stickler for tradition and past cultural conventions, he has been unable to expand his family with his current wives.

His daughter, Sne, on the other hand, is expecting her third child (out of wedlock) much to the disappointment of her orthodox father. 

Speaking in her capacity as the matriarch of the family and the person who took over raising Sne after her mother passed, MaCele broke the news to her husband after having a heart-to-heart with Sne.

Sne’s painful past

Musa then revealed that Sne had previously been raped by a family member.

“As a family, we carry this and we know that we were reckless in handling the matter and that has contributed to how Sne turned out,” said Musa during his Uthando Nesthembu dairy session.

He added that keeping her past in mind informs how he speaks to her when he is looking to admonish her for doing things he does not approve of. 

He then decided that it might be best to cut her off financially because he felt as though she was splurging the money he was giving her for her children on her boyfriend instead.

He then asked MaCele to deal with the issue with Sne, asking to be left out of it because he would prefer to kick her out and leave her to fend for herself. 

Speaking during her own Uthando Nesthembu diary session, MaCele said that she too was done with Sne at this point as she was at her wit’s end about what to do about the situation.

Mpilo calls a family meeting 

Later on in the Uthando Nesthembu episode, we see Musa meeting up with another one of his children, Mpilo and the mother that she lives with, Thobile (MaKhumalo) to discuss the issue of her impending surname change. 

The main obstacle keeping that from happening stemmed from the fact that Musa had not completed all the rites and rituals he needed to in order to honour Thobile’s family and be granted the right for his child to carry his surname. 

Musa then drew a line in the sand stating that he would not be paying the family more than he already has as what he has paid thus far is what was previously agreed upon.

Who is Abongwe going to the matric dance with

After asking her parents for a suit for her matric dance in the last episode of Uthando Nesthembu, we caught up with Abongwe as she tries on a suit designed by a designer recommended by her mother. 

The episode then reveals that she will be attending the dance with a female partner whose dress will be made to match her suit. 

Abongwe shares that the question of who she will attend the dance with has been a hot topic as everyone wants to know who she will be taking with her. 

Musa meets with MaNgwabe and her mother

The Uthando Nesthembu episode concludes with a meeting between Musa, Mbali (Mangwabe) and her mother to discuss his divisive need to take another wife into the fold and how this makes MaNgwabe feel. 

Her mother also reminded him that upon asking for her daughter’s hand in marriage, he promised that he would not take on another wife after her. 

Musa then explained that his family had not grown to his satisfaction, hence his desire to marry yet another woman. 

“I have four wives but only eight children with those wives. The way I see it, I should have 16 or 20 children by now. I took this many wives because I want kids,” said Musa. 

During her Uthando Nesthembu diary session, Mbali then calls Musa’s position unfair due to the fact that he might just have 20 children in total when you count the children he has from past relationships and daliances outside his marriages. 

“He doesn’t count those children because they don’t live with us,” added Mbali. 

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