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‘uThando Nesthembu’: MaYeni and Musa Mseleku’s love ‘ageing like fine wine’

In the latest episode of 'Uthando Nesthembu' MaYeni and Musa Mseleku celebrated their birthdays during a fun light-hearted occasion.

After the news that Sne is expecting her third child, the latest episode of Uthando Nesthembu tackled more family issues amongst the Mselekus but on a lighter note. 

In episode six, polygamist Musa Mseleku informed his first wife MaCele that he needs to set boundaries with Sne, particularly since she is having her third child out of wedlock. 

He then decided that it might be best to cut her off financially because he felt as though she was splurging the money he was giving her for her children on her boyfriend instead.

The latest episode of Uthando Nesthembu which aired on 1 Magic on Thursday night started with Mseleku celebrating the birthday of his second wife, MaYeni, as he took her out for dinner. 

MaYeni’s birthday

MaYeni and Mseleku have been at loggerheads during this season because of the failed talks and arguments about introducing a fifth wife. 

However, MaYeni’s birthday dinner was light-hearted, as Mseleku played the piano for her and even attempted to sing.  She appreciated his kind gestures and effort to make her feel special on the day. 

“I think our love now is like wine, it matures with time. It’s beautiful,” Mseleku said. 

In an earlier segment of the show, the businessman was seen playing soccer with his children, Mpumelelo, Abongwe and Lwandle.

Abongwe is preparing to go to varsity in Johannesburg. She was honest in saying she chose the city because she wanted time away from her family in Durban. Mseleku wanted her brothers to protect her when she is in the city of gold. 

Should Sne get sterilised?

The outdoor activities continued as the four wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe went on a hike as a bonding session.

MaCele informed the women that Sne is pregnant again, retelling the story of how she found out. The women were hurt that Sne didn’t tell them personally because they all thought they were close to her. 

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MaKhumalo said she felt sorry for Mseleku who was getting closer to Sne because their father-daughter relationship was strained.

“I don’t know if she realises she is a grown woman, because she acts like a child.” MaCele then jokingly added that she has a “feeling” that Mseleku’s children are born with “abnormalities”. 

The women agreed that Sne needs to get on birth control and maybe insert an implant to prevent her from getting pregnant in future. 

There was even a suggestion from MaNgwabe for Sne to get sterilised but the idea was quickly shut down by MaYeni and the others.

The ladies then started organising their husband’s birthday. The sister wives agreed on a family picnic and family day. 

MaCele couldn’t join because she wasn’t feeling well. The family enjoyed zip line activities and a day spent with much laughter. Mseleku also joked with their kids around about which wife gives him more sex and which one doesn’t, joking that MaNgwabe is the toughest to please.

As the episode ended, Mseleku said he didn’t celebrate his birthdays before he met his wives but he now understands the importance of them and how special they are. 

His youngest children then read out a birthday message, telling him how much they love him. 

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