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‘uThando Nesthembu’ – MaYeni puts Sne in her place

MaYeni finally had a one-on-one with Sne after it come out she is expecting her third child out of wedlock.

MaKhumalo and MaYeni poured out their emotions in the latest episode of uThando Nesthembu episode, as the two wives tackled some family issues.

The third wife of Musa Mseleku, MaKhumalo, is tapping back into their past after she told her husband she needs to see Sindi’s “MaSaule” (the previous girlfriend of Mseleku) son, Lungelo, after she passed away. 

Who is Sindi?

Mseleku says he did date Sindi intending to take her as one of his wives before she passed away, with MaKhumalo taking her place after her death. 

Mseleku says MaKhumalo may feel like she is a replacement and that she may have never chosen to be his wife if Sindi was still alive, an assumption he hopes she doesn’t have.

The polygamist says he was happy to raise Lungelo as one of his own after her death, however, his father is now deceased and he is now an orphan. 

Informing MaKhumalo, Mseleku said: “Technically we are Lungelo’s parents. However, because of the situation in this home, it’s not easy to do some things because some people won’t understand why we are doing that”.

Mseleku said if MaKhumalo wants to take care of Lungelo there is nothing anyone can do and encouraged her to meet up with him. 

He added that the last time he saw Lungelo was at his mother’s funeral. 

“Please send a message for me, please tell him that no one loved him like his mother. He must never stop communicating with his mother. His mother was very powerful,” he told Makhumalo. 

The patriarch added that if Lungelo intends to take a wife, he wants to be present as his father. 

MaYeni’s message to Sne

MaYeni finally had her talk with Sne, after they were informed she is pregnant for the third time out of wedlock. 

MaCele said she felt Sne was disrespectful to her when they were discussing the pregnancy rumours. MaYeni said Sne needed to respect her elders and also advised her to stay away from the boys and love her children more. 

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“Find another way to live,” she told Sne. 

Sne disagreed with MaYeni’s assumptions, saying she does love her children and is a present mother.

MaYeni wasn’t convinced; “You see, you are pregnant again, yet you can’t even take care of your second child. I am telling you what I see”.

Sne says the father of her third child is employed and he will support the child. Her family members are concerned she will fall pregnant again, with many of them wanting her to be on contraceptives 

Sne said she is scared of the options such as the implant because of the health concerns she has heard before. 

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