‘uThando Nes’thembu’: ‘I think MaNgwabe is done with this sthembu thing’

Viewers believe the altercation between MaCele and MaNgwabe was unnecessary and could have been solved easily between the two of them.

Drama is the order of the day on uThando Nes’thembu and in the Mseleku family, but luckily this time around all focus and attention has been shifted from MaKhumalo and her inability to bear children for their husband, and is now on MaNgwabe and MaCele who seem to not be on good terms.

Thursday evening’s episode saw polygamist and businessman Musa Mseleku in the middle of yet another problem between two of his wives.

Musa’s first wife, MaCele, raised the issue that MaNgwabe was recently greeted by her children, but her children were ignored by Mbali (MaNgwabe) as she failed to greet them back.

“There’s something that Mbali did that annoyed me. My children greeted her and she didn’t greet them back,” said MaCele.

Determined to get to the bottom of the issue, Mseleku dashed off to MaNgwabe’s home where he relayed what MaCele had told him.

Mbali was shocked by what she heard, and made it clear that she is not crazy, nor is she rude enough to ignore someone who has greeted her or has tried to start a conversation with her.

“I don’t think I will keep quiet when someone greets me,” said Mbali.

Viewers were annoyed at MaCele for taking the issue up with Mseleku, instead of just raising the issue with MaNgwabe directly, and said that was why there could never be any unity among the wives because of the unnecessary ways in which they handle most situations within their polygamous marriage.

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The episode also showed a little surprise getaway which was planned by Mseleku to get his wives together to bond and communicate.

Mseleku’s attempt to encourage unity among his wives quickly failed as MaNgwabe made the decision not to join the rest of the family during a dinner date.

Her reason was that she simply did not pack the appropriate outfits to attend any formal dinners, but viewers were convinced that she did it just because she was annoyed with MaCele, and because she is over the whole polygamous marriage and setting.

Here are some Twitter reactions from Thursday evening’s episode of ‘uThando Nes’thembu’:


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