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Zola 7 part of ‘Black Conversations’ Season 3

The highly awaited Season 3 of Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations returns to Mzansi Magic starting on Thursday.

The long-awaited Season 3 of Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations is back on Mzansi Magic from Thursday.

After the success of the first two seasons, where prominent media personalities explored various critical topics, Season 3 continues its mission to enlighten viewers about African experiences.

Castle Milk Stout launched Black Conversations in 2022. The brand focuses on inspiring Africans to embrace their traditions in the modern world.

Black Conversations encourages open discussions among black South Africans on usually taboo subjects.

The previous series featured engaging conversations led by carefully chosen personalities, each aligned with specific topics.

Cast of the Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations Season 3. Picture: Supplied

The success of previous seasons and expectations for Season 3

In Season 2, they talked about things like Black Spirituality and Black Pride. These discussions looked at how Africans embrace their black identity in a Western-influenced world, touching on topics such as intelligence and beauty standards.

For instance, Celeste Ntuli, one of the panelists, is known for promoting black pride in her comedy and everyday life.

They also discussed Black Mental Health in African communities. Sophie Ndaba, a well-respected public figure who has dealt with her own mental health issues, led that conversation.

Castle Milk Stout Marketing Manager Khwezi Vika, said the first and second series stimulated much interest.

Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations maiden series and its sequel were well received in the market and helped to spark interesting and thought-provoking conversations on various issues.

“It helped to unpack and bring an authentic ‘black’ perspective on the topics that were covered. The discussions and the insights that were shared by the cast and our viewers gave us food for thought and ensured that the conversations lasted beyond the televised series.

“Considering the overwhelmingly positive response that Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations has garnered, we are pleased to introduce the third season of this popular talk show which we believe will be a conversation starter and will help us to retain our African-ness while it deepens our understanding of the issues facing our communities and society in the modern age,” said Vika.

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Cast of the Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations season 3. Picture: Supplied
Cast of the Castle Milk Stout Black Conversations Season 3. Picture: Supplied

Exploring ‘Black Love’ and unraveling storytelling

Season 3 will feature well-known radio personalities Tbose and Mapaseka Mokwele, who have been married for more than two decades.

They will be leading discussions on Black Love alongside renowned spiritual teacher Gogo Skhotheni, radio host Felix Hlophe, and TV personality known as Mablerh.

The topics will delve into various aspects of ‘Black Love’, exploring how it’s expressed in the black community, the role models for young Africans, love languages in indigenous tongues, queer love and families, lobola, and interracial dating.

The show will also touch on the subject of black storytelling, with input from figures such as Warren Masemola, Desire Markgraaf, Sello Maake ka Ncube, and Dudu Busani. They will discuss why black stories are not always told accurately and the issues with narratives often not reflecting the true African experience.

Challenging storytelling norms and defining success

The panel will also investigate progress in African storytelling, stereotypes in black storytelling, and the question of whether African stories should always conform to a certain mold. They will tackle the challenge of cultural appropriation when non-Africans tell African stories.

And that’s not all! The show will have two episodes focusing on ‘Black Success’, with discussions led by Kwaito musician and actor Zola 7, comedian and actor Eugene Khoza, award-winning businesswoman Sibu Mabena, and financial planner Gerald Mwandiambira.

They will discuss what success means in African communities, the perceptions of African products and services, the celebration of black success, collective community success, and the pressures that come with black excellence.

Season 3 will consist of six episodes, with each topic covered in two episodes.

The airing dates for Season 3 are as follows:

  • EP 1 – Black Success – 12 October
  • EP 2 – Black Success – 19 October
  • EP 3 – Black Storytelling – 26 October
  • EP 4 – Black Storytelling – 02 November
  • EP 5 – Black Love – 09 November
  • EP 6 – Black Love – 16 November

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