KSP’s all-rounder reaches for his dreams

Kloof Senior Primary School's SPAR Star of the Month - April 2017.

KLOOF Senior Primary School’s Nicholas Adler arrives at school early to help out with the Eco club, takes part in sports after school and during his free time in the evenings and on weekends brushes up on his school work. His unparalleled commitment to his school earned him the title of SPAR Star of the Month.

His keen interest in sports keeps him relatively busy as he enjoys playing rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, athletics and to keep up his fitness, swims as well.

He recently competed in the SA champs for athletics and competed in the 200m hurdles, 800m hurdles and the U13 boys’ 4x100m relay. It was his first time taking part in the event and described it as nothing less than “an awesome experience.”

“What I like about sports is that at the end of a game, whether you win or not, you know that you tried your best and you can be proud of yourself. It’s a feeling I can’t really explain but it’s as if there is a fire inside you,” he said.

An avid rugby fan, Nicholas relished in the opportunity to take part in the recent pre-season Gelofte Night Series with the school’s 1st team.

“In the first two games I scored nine tries,” said a proud Nicholas. “My mom has a full time job and I have spare time after school and it would be a waste for me to just sit around and do nothing and taking part in all of these sports is really cool. I enjoy team sports as many of my friends also play and I support them during games and they support me and always make sure we are all okay on and off the field.”

When not on the sports field, Nicholas enjoys relaxing in front of the TV or heading out into the garden and playing a few sports with his younger brother.

He is also serious about saving the environment and believes that each individual can make a large difference by recycling. He arrives at school 45 minuets before it starts to help sort out the recycling that has been dropped off.

Currently in Grade 7, he recently submitted a science project for the school’s science expo which revolves around the science behind fingerprints and how to take fingerprints with household items.

His favourite subjects are mathematics and English and said this was due to his teachers bringing excitement and going out of their way to make the lessons interesting. His hopes for life after school include the world of professional sports but said he has a back up plan. He would like to study engineering but admitted he was torn between chemical and civil engineering.



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