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15 Jan 2017
10:19 am

Zuma’s daughter unhappy with divorce settlement, wants half of hubby’s estate

Citizen Reporter

While her soon to be ex-husband has coughed up R168,000 in a monthly divorce settlement, Zuma's daughter is gunning for half of his multimillion-rand estate.

The woman and her husband who married in an extravagant wedding in 2011 are embroiled in a divorce that was settled last year when the court awarded the wife a divorce settlement but has now been contested after she submitted a claim stating that their customary marriage began in 2010.

According to the Sunday Times, the legal papers detail how lobola was paid in December 2010 when 16 cows were delivered to the wife’s Nkandla homestead. A customary marriage was then entered into between the couple, as their families witnessed the lobola ceremony and their customary union.

“No antenuptial contract was entered into between the parties prior to the conclusion of the customary marriage and, accordingly, in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act it is a marriage in community of property and of profit and loss,” Zuma’s daughter explained in court documents.

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Gary Mazaham, the husband’s attorney, said the claim would be opposed.

“We will obviously  be denying this. The intention of the parties before they even went through the customary processes was at all times to enter into an antenuptial contract. We are arguing that very clearly, the marriage was  governed by an antenuptial contract with the inclusion of an accrual system.”

Meanwhile, Billy Gundelfinger, Zuma’s daughter’s lawyer, said the matter would be debated in court and he was confident of its success.

The breakdown of the pair was due to infidelity on the husband’s side, with his wife claiming he had several extramarital affairs, with her hubby going as far as to buy a house in Midrand and a luxury car for his mistress while still married to her.

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