Yasmeen Sewnarain
2 minute read
24 Apr 2018
11:00 am

How you can call an ambulance even when you’ve lost consciousness

Yasmeen Sewnarain

There’s an app that can save your life even after you’ve lost the ability to ask for help.

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While the idea of driving on an open stretch of road with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face sounds blissful, the reality of road trips is often much harsher.

Road safety is important at all times, especially during long weekends and holiday periods. Traffic volumes increase and the rate of accidents – already some of the highest in the world on any given day – increase too.

So how much do you know about accidents in South Africa? Take our quiz following the recent release of the Easter accident stats:

Surprised by the results? Who wouldn’t be?

These numbers are enough to make any person sit up and think twice about ever getting into a car again. But at least thanks to car insurance, you won’t have to confine yourself to your home and become a modern-day hermit.

Since South Africa is listed as one of the most dangerous countries to drive in, it pays to have a guardian angel. That’s why 1st for Women has included their Guardian Angel on Call benefit in their comprehensive car insurance policies. It takes care of you and your family, so you have one less thing to worry about in the event of an accident.

All it takes is one app to have safety, convenience, peace of mind and emergency services at your fingertips.

Simply input your details, such as medical aid information and any conditions or allergies. Then add five loved ones who you want to benefit from your policy, so that they too can use the Guardian Angel on Call benefit, and allow the app to access your location. It’s as easy as that!

Guardian Angel on Call starts working from the minute you start driving, and can detect if you’re involved in an accident. If a severe accident renders you incapacitated or unconscious, your Guardian Angel will automatically send emergency medical assistance directly to your location.

Cellphones, when used irresponsibly, such as making calls or texting while driving, are one of the leading causes of modern road accidents – so it’s reassuring then that an app on a phone could actually save your life.

Everyone could do with having a guardian angel in their life. We only wish this service had always been around.

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