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7 Nov 2019
2:56 pm

WATCH: Women grow their moustaches for Movember

Citizen Reporter

A recent video by a women’s shave and body brand is pushing for females to become part of the Movember movement.

A screenshot of the video. Facebook

The Movember movement, which deals with prostate and testicular cancer, male mental health and suicide prevention, has once again reared its hairy head.

But this year is slightly different – women have pledged to grow out their moustaches too, in solidarity with the movement.

This can only help Movember, which shines the light on health risks and stigmas men face during the month of November.

It aims to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, helps men take action by creating awareness surrounding health risks they face, and tries to improve quality of life for cancer patients and survivors.

Females growing out their moustaches to join the movement is not necessarily a new idea, but it has been solidified by women’s shave and body brand Billie, who put together a video showcasing female staches in all their glory.

Billie is also taking a stance in normalising female body hair, which women have gone to great and often painful lengths to hide.

So, for an entire month, the brand is encouraging women to put away the bleach, razors and wax strips, and let their moustaches flourish.

Growing your “top secret upper lip hair” could contribute up to $50,000 towards the movement.

For more information, visit Billie’s Facebook page, or their website.

(Compiled by Nica Schreuder)

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