Adriaan Roets
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20 Nov 2019
12:23 pm

Nomination Italy opens first jewellery store in SA

Adriaan Roets

The cornerstone of the South African experience is the international One for Me, One For You campaign that’s all about sharing.

Composable Nomination bracelet. Picture: Nomination Italy

Creating Lego mini figures can be fun. But if you’re an adult, Nomination is the ultimate wonderland for custom creations.

Known for its Composable bracelets, the first Nomination Italy store opened in South Africa this month.

What makes a store experience important is simple: there’s nothing quite like touching items.

Previously you could have shipped items to SA, but on the more practical side now you can have the full experience which allows you to fit ring sizes, for instance, and see how you feel about the weight of some items around your neck or wrist.

Picture: Facebook

Last week when the store opened, the son of Paolo Gensini, the founder of the brand, Alessandro Gensini, also visited. He’s already happy with sales.

“When you go into a Nomination store it’s like an experience. You don’t go to the store just to buy something,” he said.

Because charm bracelets are so historic and customisable – being able to touch them is one of the reasons Nomination has become a unique brand in the jewellery industry.

“When you go into a store you have the opportunity to identify your story or your message,” he added.

The cornerstone of the South African experience is the international One for Me, One For You campaign that’s all about sharing.

Picture: Facebook

The Composable Collection includes over 2,000 links. The stainless steel base is decorated with 18 carat gold, 9 carat rose gold or sterling silver.

The themes of each link are interpreted by the person wearing them, whether they are symbols, the initials of a name, bright semi-precious stones, colourful enamels or sparkling cubic zirconia and natural diamonds.

“One for me, one for you” promotes an attitude of generosity while the modular nature of Composable promotes interaction and sharing: your bracelet is enriched by the events in your life.

“There’s also a range for different budgets so everyone can find their own bracelet. It’s not like a jewellery store, really more about connecting people,” Gensini added.

The store is in Fourways Mall.

Picture: Facebook

How Nomination Italy became a global jewellery phenomenon

In Nomination jewellery, the precious materials typical of the most classic pieces come together with more modern elements, such as steel and enamel.

A Florentine brand first began to use steel for jewellery.

Paolo Gensini started the phenomenon after he was employed in the metal-working industry and then in goldsmiths shops in Florence.

He wondered why jewellery was made only of gold and silver, which made it so expensive.

Picture: Facebook

The idea was conceived to introduce a new element in jewellery, steel, a more economical yet very durable material.

Gensini began to produce his first steel bracelets as a much more democratic type of jewellery.

Soon the humble stainless steel bracelet, Composable, became an accessory appreciated by men and women and imitated all over the world.

It is at this point in the story that Nomination was born.

The first Composable pieces were those on which you could spell your own name by uniting many links with the letters of the alphabet: the term Nomination is of Latin origin and it means “give the name”.

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