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Gopolang Moloko
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16 Jul 2020
11:04 am

As Chocolate Log ‘logs off’, which favourite would you bring back?

Gopolang Moloko

We take you back in time, to a time where taste ruled, in order to ask the important question of which of these classic favourites you would bring back?

Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation, Nestlé has confirmed that the marshmallow-based chocolate Chocolate Log will be discontinued from August.

Nestlé made the announcement highlighting that the discontinuation of the brand, loved for over 50 years, was to pave way for innovation.

“We equally understand that its discontinuation may somehow disappoint some of our loyal consumers,” the brand said in a statement.

“As Nestlé, our purpose is to delight our consumers through tastier and healthier products. We know that one of the main drivers of the chocolate category is innovation and that consumers love new products. Taking this into consideration, we do discontinue certain products and introduce new ones to the market.”

Chocolate Log is a marshmallow filled, creamy, chocolate fusion with a crisp of milk covered chocolate.

As the brand signs off the favoured brand, many of the country’s favourite go-to feel-good products have been taken off the shelves. Which of these would you bring back?

5 Star Chocolate and Tempo

Around 2017, Cadbury saw the introduction of the 5 Star chocolate which appeared to substitute once favoured chocolate Tempo, a once uniquely South African favourite, produced since 1986.


Cadbury’s ‘Question’

A social media user also highlighted a once unique message chocolate bar, the Cadbury Question, a bar which somehow logged off without a salute.

Cadbury’s Snowflake

Remember the Cadbury Snowflake, the uniquely fragile scrumptious bar that melted in your mouth? Well, if you do, you must ask yourself where the flake went. Although every product being benched opens doors to a world of possibility in flavours, maybe we ask Cadbury to, possibly grant us a Christmas limited edition. Who knows, maybe it may flake this Christmas amid all the doom and gloom.

Nestlé Toffo

Where is the Toffo? The tooth locking toffy was a class lunchtime favourite for most.

Cadbury Dream

This gem has some ‘dreamy’ memories for some of us. A time where we were all learning to navigate through some of life’s challenges.

Ghost Pops

Some may not remember or have tasted these gems, but it is clear that as the world turns, some of our favourites, including the snack Ghost Pops, who remain in high demand have shown that the power of flavour leaves a lasting memory on people.

The production of the paused flavour caused a major uproar on social media as many questioned why there was a thinning supply in the Simba Ghost Pops snacks in some stores.

It was later confirmed that the production of the product was paused due to current restrictions in the country, which meant a certain number of products could not be produced.

Ghost Pops.

  • Note: A previous version of the story which alleged that Ghost Pops had been discontinued has been rectified.

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