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26 May 2021
3:57 pm

Step back into the outside world in Crocs and sliders


What footwear should we all be wearing as we start to emerge from our period of covid-19 social distancing?

Crocs look set to be the stars of the next chapter in pandemic-era fashion! Image : Photographie claire Bullion / Shutterstock©

It seems that, after spending a year lying low — often in slippers — men and women won’t be racing back to their high heels or other city-slicking shoe styles as restrictions ease, opting instead for footwear promising style (albeit sometimes questionable) and comfort.

As a result, Crocs, sandals and slides are coming back in a big way, poised to accessorize a world of post-covid looks.

American e-commerce platform StockX has investigated the post-covid trends and looks that are likely to rise in the coming weeks, as well as the boom in online resales of sneakers, streetwear and electronics.

As a result, it appears that — despite being considered uncool just a few years ago — certain fashion items have been proving popular since the pandemic.

The phenomenon can be put down to this very strange year, spent for a large part in lockdown, wearing gear that was often comfortable, above all. I

n fact, it’s no secret that homewear found many fans during the pandemic, along with jogging pants, sweaters and, more generally, any baggy, comforting styles.

As for footwear, sneakers and slippers led the way, relegating stilettos and other city styles to fashion past.

And this seems to be continuing as restrictions lift. In fact, there’s no radical change in sight.

So while summer fashion will no doubt be bold — with a thirst for color (and glitter) in our lives — there’s no way anyone will be “suffering to look good.”

Comfort will still be on the agenda, so it’s no surprise to see that sandals and sliders are proving popular with men and women. Crocs are also coming back in a big way.

In fact, StockX has seen a 70% increase in the average resale price of these three types of shoe. And that’s good news for our feet (but maybe less so for our dignity), which look to have a stress-free summer ahead.

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Take to the trail!

With gyms and clubs closed, outdoor sports and pursuits have also been popular during the pandemic — another trend that looks likely to continue in the coming weeks and months.

People should be able to make the most of nicer weather to get out for a hike, or head to the mountains.

StockX reports that trades of Nike ACG products — the brand’s range of all-conditions gear — saw 150% growth in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period a year ago.

A final observation is that resales seem to be riding high, giving rise to a new way of making money.

The American platform reports that “hundreds of thousands of first-time sellers” started using StockX since lockdowns began in March 2020.

In total, products sold by these first-timers between March 2020 and April 2021 had a value of no less than $800 million.