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2 Jun 2021
3:35 pm

The beauty Tok of the week: apply lipstick without smearing or smudging


Not knowing how to correctly apply lipstick is one of the cardinal beauty faux pas. Fortunately, TikTok and its essential beauty tips are there to help us.

A beauty tip that has gone viral on TikTok helps you apply your lipstick without smudging.ImGE : Photographie Dean Mitchell / Getty Images©

One of them, requiring a simple cotton swab, lets you confidently apply your favorite lipstick, error-free. This is the beauty Tok of the week.

Applying lipstick is an art! And even experienced beauty addicts have to call on their dexterity (and patience) when they do it. And even then a false move or rushing the process can totally ruin your beauty look.

Lipstick on the teeth, smudges, overly sharp lines at the corner of the mouth … Applying lipstick is definitely not easy.

TikTok to the rescue!

And it’s a problem that TikTokers don’t take lightly. Which is a good thing because  after research, experiments and ultra-precise analysis, they have achieved results.

Or should we say, the cotton swab has! Because yes, the solution to all your daily lip woes lies in this little stick with multiple purposes.

You just have to slip a cotton swab between your lips, and make sure that the ends, i.e. the little buds of cotton, come out at the corner of your mouth. Once the device is in place, all you have to do is apply your lipstick as you normally would.

With the swab in place it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake and overload the corners. Ingenious, right?

Thank you Huda Kattan (and so many others)

This beauty tip, which went viral in just a few days’ time, was initially shared by @theanoughceke, and seen by over 1.7 million people. Impressive for a TikToker who has, to date, only 4,600 followers.

It should be noted though that the shared video features a beauty industry icon, none other than Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty.

In fact it is actually a video from August 2018, in which the makeup artist and businesswoman reveals this beauty tip … which is therefore not innovative in any way.

So what, you may say! Now everyone knows about it, or at least everyone on the web.

The most surprising thing is that the original video, available on YouTube, “only” has about 500,000 views. The power of social networks…